We rush through life without taking a breath. Going faster than we can see, faster than we can think, oblivious to the world around us. We love and we lose and the people around us do the same, over and over again. We laugh and we cry and we give ourselves wholeheartedly to some and halfheartedly to others, hoping that one day we will be whole again. Those we love, we call our own in an attempt to find ourselves and to maybe find them, too.

We make wishes on stars and birthday candles, on eyelashes and on the road to midnight. We cross our fingers, close our eyes, and touch wood. All in hopes of something, something good, something better. And while sometimes stardust is light years away and birthdays come once a year, a cross never helped anyone, and a table is just a table—sometimes our wishes come true. And it’s that glimmer of hope that gets us through our days, and our nights, and our nightmares. ♦