There are certain people who defy easy holiday present–giving. It’s not like they have EVERYTHING—it’s just that it’s hard to pin down which material objects, exactly, complement their wonderfully specific and/or broad interests. For them (and for you, dear gifters!), we’ve compiled a list of stuff that is super fun but that doesn’t fall under any specific category. Reach into this grab bag of narwhal slippers, cat-print tote bags, and other generally awesome items, and you’re sure to find something that will make just about anyone’s eyes light up.

Upasna’s picks

minimergency kitMetallic Minimergency Kit
The other night at a party, I felt the back of my earring fall off and into my bra. I struggled to get it out—one hand holding my earring in place, one hand in my underthings—then watched it drop to the floor. Because it was dark, it was hopelessly lost. Luckily, tucked within my purse was this kit, which has backup earring backs! It also contains an emergency tampon (PHEW!), hair elastics, breath freshener, lip balm, pain reliever, a safety pin, and a whole bunch of other useful stuff! Throw one in a box with your bestie’s favorite candy, and I’m pretty sure it’ll save their day/night at least once, too. ($16, Pinch Provisions)

642 Tiny Things642 Tiny Things to Write About
For a high school graduation present, my friend Karina gave me a box. Inside was a shit-ton of Hershey’s Kisses, a sweet note, and this cute little book. It contains 642 writing prompts that I use whenever I’m stressed or feel writer’s block creeping in. Because I love it so much, and it’s so small, I carry it with me everywhere! I recommend it for family, friends, or anyone with a creative soul. ($12, Urban Outfitters)

Amber’s picks

narwhalusbheatedslippersNarwhal USB heated slippers
’Tis the season of cold toes, so you really can’t go wrong by giving someone a pair of slippers. This is especially true when those slippers are heated foot-warmers, and even more true when the heated foot-warming slippers are shaped like majestic narwhals—the unicorns of the sea. You plug these adorable, plushy slippers into a USB port to heat them up, and then slide your frozen toe-cicles inside for a cozy, narwhal-y good time. ($25, Smoko)

usbthermoelectriccoolerwarmerUSB thermoelectric cooler and warmer
For anyone who’s ever wanted to keep their personal soda supply both chilled and conveniently close, but doesn’t have the space or cash for a mini refrigerator, the thermoelectric cooler and warmer is the answer. Designed to resemble a retro fridge, this USB-powered beverage holder is tiny enough to place on your desk and will cool a single 12-ounce can down to a nice and refreshing 46 degrees Fahrenheit (or warm it up to 149 degrees, if that’s something you’re interested in). Aside from providing a way to avoid all the drink thievery that often goes down with communal refrigerators, the cooler/warmer is great for late-night, last-minute essay-writing or study sessions: If someone has this on their desk, they’ll never again have to make the epic, Lord of the Rings–esque journey to the kitchen to grab a cold, caffeinated drink. ($20, Think Geek)

Isabel’s picks

il_fullxfull.722416991_li8xButtons and pins with tons o’ slogans
These pins, by Word for Word Factory, make me feel like an internet-famous cyber-show idol. Basically, they’re sharable sayings to pin here and there, and there are so many sayings to choose from! (My favorites: “Dad Joke Champion” and “Feminist With a To-Do List.”) They make such great stocking stuffers, annnnnnd they’re a pretty good deal, I think—you can get three for $10! Word for Word Factory’s tagline is, “Fun stuff for people who laugh and cry.” If you’re getting something for anyone who falls under this audience, I suggest that you check these pins out! ($2–$10, Etsy)

BagguReusable tote bag
Sneaking Ben & Jerry’s ice cream into the movies cannot get any more fashionable and easy than hiding it in a Baggu bag. My older sister was sporting one when she visited from New York, and I fell in love. The standard size is pretty big: It can fit books, journals, and jackets all at the same time. The material is quite durable, and comes in many colors and patterns: cats, smiley-faces, elephants, oh my! You can carry one around as a statement piece. Did I mention that they’re machine washable? Another great stocking stuffer, as each one can be crumpled up into a smaller packet that fits in your pocket when it’s empty. Bonus: You can use a Baggu bag as wrapping for ANOTHER gift! Fill ’er up, twist the handles, and complete the look by tying the top with a bunch of ribbon or tinsel. ($9, Baggu)

Shriya’s picks

otterboxOtter Box
Do you know someone with serious butterfingers? I’m always dropping things, especially important things, which is why I love Otter Box, a smartphone and tablet case company that creates cases for devices by a variety of brands including Apple, Android, Samsung, and Blackberry. I drop my phone on the daily, and I’ve found that Otter Boxes hold up super well over time, whether a gadget is landing on a hard surface or dropping from an ear to the ground. They have four different series of cases, each one more protective than the last, and they also provide a one-year warranty that guarantees protection. ($20–$100, Otterbox)

headphone splitterHeadphone splitter
Headphone splitters were my saving grace in grade school. Listening to music with friends on long bus rides always meant only getting one earful of a song. And the worst: if my friend or I moved our head too far, the earbud would get yanked out of the other person’s ear. No fun at all. A headphone splitter solves that problem so wonderfully by creating two jacks for two people to plug their own headphones into. This means that you and a pal get to have the full listening experience and still have room to boogie without worrying about anyone losing out. ($5–$15, Bestbuy) ♦