The leaves are changing, and so are the colors on my lips. In autumn, I put summer’s corals and pinks away, and reach for rich plums and deep berries instead. But as much as I love a dark lip color, it sometimes looks a little bolder than what I’m going for. To get the most out of dark lipstick, I’ve figured out three other ways to put it to good use. I’ll show you!

1. Under-Eye Concealer

Berry-colored lipstick as concealer may sound weird, but an orangey-pink wash of color can help counteract any blue tones under tired eyes.

Step One


Put a light dot of orangey-pink lipstick under your eyes, and blend. (The lipstick will help cover up any under-eye blue-ness, because orange is blue’s complement on the color wheel.)

Step Two


Dot your usual concealer over your under-eye area, and blend it with your fingers.

Step Three


Dust a bit of powder under your eyes, and you’re done! Now no one will know you were up late watching puppy Vines.

2. Creamy Eye Color

The next look, courtesy of dark lipstick, is an eye color that will make your lids look like tiny autumn sunsets.

Step One


Put a dot of lipstick on each eyelid and blend with a brush or your fingertips. Concentrate the color at the lash line, and blend upward.

Step Two


Dust the powdered eye shadow color of your choice over the creamy base. (This gives the lipstick pigment something to adhere to, and will help it last much longer.)

Step Three

Put another dot of color in the center of each eye, then blend outward, along the lash line. Add a coat of mascara, and you’re all (sun)set.

3. Lip Stain

There are times when I want my lip product to look like the echo of a color, rather than the full-volume color itself. This is achievable in three super-simple steps:

Step One

Apply a thick layer of your favorite lip balm all over your lips.

Step Two


In the center of your bottom lip, add a dot of dark lipstick.

Step Three


Blend the lipstick with your fingertips, and you’re good to go!


This washed-out lip look would go nicely with some Impressionists–inspired blush, I think. ♦