Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Hey, it’s November! And the stars say we’re going to be in the thick of some STUFF; parts of it will be challenging, while other parts will be expansive. (But when is that NOT the case?!) Thankfully, astrologer and writer Jessica Lanyadoo is paying us a visit, to share this month’s astrological predictions, plus some Oprah-level insights! On to you, Lanyadoo…

Jessica Lanyadoo, on November’s astrological trends:

New moon in Scorpio: The energy of the new moon, on November 11, is intense. It can bring about healing, but it might also lead people to overdo it, which presents a real risk for gossip. That sort of talk may feel really fun, but it almost certainly will come back to bite you in the butt—even if it seems totally innocent. The new moon can mean good things for romantic relationships. It tends to bring about exciting beginnings, too, as new moons do, but there could be more to them than what appears on the surface. The full moon is on the 25th: Wait through the moon cycle (from new moon to full moon) before you make up your mind about these developments—they may just as easily fizzle out as they could become lasting.

Pluto in Capricorn, squaring Venus in Libra: This event, happening November 20 through 22, is no small potato: Venus wants everyone to get along and chill, but Pluto’s like, “LET’S TURN ALL THE WAY UUUUUUP!” This can bring compulsive, driving energies to the fore. People may be defensive, and emotions will likely run high. Behavior during this period tends to be felt authentically, deeply, and meaningfully. Don’t lie to avoid conflict, and steer clear of drama.

Mercury in Sagittarius, squaring Neptune in Pisces: November 25 through 26, we’ll experience an event known for bringing up passive-aggressive and confusing communication. Awesome, right? This is the kind of influence that can make us say, “Yeah, no problem!,” when we’re asked to do something we really don’t want to do. It’s important to mean what we say, and say what we mean. At the very least, don’t fib—even if it’s to save someone’s feelings. It will only lead to confusion, especially because on the 25th, there’s a full moon in Gemini…

Full moon in Gemini: The full moon on November 25, like any full moon, signals a time for letting go, and a time when emotions can run high. Gemini, for its part, wants to understand everything, and explain every detail. But this month, Gemini’s obsession with detail may go rogue and cause confusion. For example: You may find yourself wondering why a friend is ignoring you, or whether they’re upset with you, when really, they’ve been MIA for reasons that aren’t personal. The key with this full moon, then, is to have as much empathy as possible, for other people and yourself. Opt for compassion, to hopefully avoid defensiveness or misunderstandings.

Sun in Sagittarius, squaring Neptune: The sun’s action with Neptune, November 20 through December 1, may throw you off your game. When Neptune is in the mix, the universe’s lessons tend to be about setting healthy boundaries. How does the universe teach us this? By presenting situations that show us the need to establish healthy boundaries! Keep in mind that when someone is careless with your emotions, that’s a reflection of them—not a reflection of you.

Sun conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius: A Saturn-sun conjunction tends to be a bummer. This one occurs November 29 through 30. You may feel down, or want to lay low. You may also experience the blues, potentially due to heavy family dynamics. But never fear! This is an ideal day for concentration, hard work, and sustained effort, too. Try some yoga, or any other way you like to get into your body, so you’re not so caught up in your head!

OK, those are the basics! Ready to dive into some star soup?

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