This weekend was so cool! I went with my friends Dionisia, her sisters Sienna and Olivia, and Suze, to the Rookie Yearbook Four signing in San Francisco and we had a great time.

We arrived late and stood in the back of the audience on some stools to watch Tavi while she read. However, we spent most of our time waiting in line to have our Yearbooks signed. That wasn’t really a bad thing at all, because we met so many cool people. There was also a table for us to color in this little Rookie flag and a sticker sheet. It was so strange when people came up to me asking, “Are you Cammy aka @campireweekend?” I was like, “OMG yeah!” thinking, wow, it’s so weird for people to know of me!

As we waited, we tried coming up with questions and topics to discuss with Tavi, but when we got up to the table I swear I forgot every word I ever knew—especially when Tavi saw the name on my Yearbook and asked if I was, “Cammy, the Rookie diarist?”

The whole night was truly a surreal and amazing experience; I felt like I could just burst at any moment and like nothing could ever measure up to what I experienced that night. On the way home, I was such a dreamy state—smiling and speechless. The things I did say didn’t make a shred of sense. I still feel so, so good.

What made this weekend the best, though, was Halloween. I went with Suze to a place in Berkeley that makes Halloween into a real event: The street is shut down and decorations are absolutely everywhere. We got some candy but we were focused on finding a party to go to afterwards. We were trying to meet up with our phoneless friend Chris. By luck, we found him AND he knew a party.

Mind you, I hadn’t ever been to a real party: It was so much fun! At first, Suze and I were a little reluctant because it was kinda far to travel, but once we arrived it there were so many people I knew, and an amazing band was playing (I’m sad that we didn’t get their name). The last party-type thing I went to was a pretty bad experience for me, but this great. Back at home, I fell asleep easily, which meant a lot because I haven’t been getting good sleep recently. It felt good to wake up refreshed. ♦