On Saturday, I had a Halloween party and it was pretty wonderful. All the people I love the most came and made an effort with fabulous costumes. My original besties, Sophie and Rebecca came as Harley Quinn and a slytherin student respectively—Rebecca made hers and her boyfriends costumes. My new besties Kiah and Rachel came as a vampire and a dead Cleopatra. We also had a Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the joker, and a werewolf, among other things.

The Friday before, my mum and I went shopping for nachos, sweets, and a lot of alcohol, stocking up the house. On Saturday morning, my parents and I build a gazebo in our back garden and my mum and I decorated the house with shop-bought decorations and our own creative genius. I started getting ready around 5 PM, and friends who were sleeping over arrived early to get ready with me. Guests trickled in between 7 and 8 PM and soon the party was on a roll.

People drank, talked, and danced. I made some nachos and sometime later my mum brought in many buckets of KFC and chips. For me, the best part of the evening was karaoke: I went for my favourite number: “I’ve Got a Crush on You” which I sang vaguely in the direction of the person on whom I have a crush. We went through a collection of classics and new pop and everyone ended up burned out and tired. By this point, it was well into the night and people began to leave slowly. Parents arrived in cars, cabs were called, and the drunk teenage mass disappeared, leaving only me and four of my wonderful friends. Soon we were four, and then three.

In my room, we made up some floor beds and attempted sleep. But what happens at sleepovers? You talk into the early hours about the most trivial and the realest things. I proceeded to drunk tweet my feelings. Not so bad, at least it wasn’t Facebook. ♦