All of my classes are so COLD, excuse me as I thaw in the sun. —Isabella Acosta

All of my classes are SO COLD. Excuse me as I thaw in the sun. —Isabella Acosta


At school, my friends showed me pictures of displaced Syrian families stuck at the borders of European countries, trying to find new lives illegally. Their faces show humiliation and exhaustion. How could I continue with my day after all of this? Read More »


Last night, I googled “signs and symptoms of depression.” Of the 11 symptoms listed on Web MD, I ticked eight. This worries me—knowing full well that I am not just “sad,” or “down,” or “PMS-ing.” More worries come knocking, for I am aware that I live in a place where mental illness is not talked about, or even taken into consideration when one says, “I’m not feeling well.” The only thing most people consider a mental illness is schizophrenia. Read More »