It’s so cold, I wish I could sleep through the days. Every glance I take out of the window during science class shows me a gray and gloomy sky, which I feel is angry with me. I do not think I have done anything wrong. I live on a big island. The food is fake. The entertainment is fake. Everything I once thought was real is fake. Even I wear a mask, but only when I am outside. Because in my head, I want to wear a headscarf and talk in my native language. But in reality, I would be the next victim of an attack or threatened on a bus, which will become a new viral video on YouTube. I’m tired of it. This island I live on is not what it seems. It is the biggest fake of all. I’m just counting the days when I can go back to where I am supposed to be. Until then, I will be forced to acknowledged these fake actors, whilst watching a fake video, with an advert on it that is fake. See, while they listen to Ariana Grande, I focus on FKA. When they look up to Kim Kardashian, I admire Wes Anderson. While they are shopping for the perfect find, I am looking into my own mind. Instead. Because nothing really matters. At the end of the day we all will be buried by ourselves. Our iPhones are not coming with us. I am going to stop waiting for the world to wake up because they are already awake. I need to wake up. To realize that everything is fake. And I can change that. I can be real. A real human being. To break the seal.

—By Fatma T., 13, London