Illustration by Ana Hinojosa.

Illustration by Ana Hinojosa.

Before I (Pixie) ever wrote a love letter, I fell in love with the one Brian Krakow writes to Angela Chase—secretly, on behalf of Jordan Catalano—on My So-Called Life. I thought it was the most beautiful letter anyone had ever written anyone, and though I was years away from falling in love myself, I thought of it often, wishing someone would write a letter like that to me, or that I could love someone enough to write a letter like that to them:

Love letters disclose our deepest thoughts and feelings; they also reveal choices we make about how to express those feelings using our words, or our art, or even a spritz of our perfume (pretty sure there are some suburban Connecticut boys who might associate the smell of CK One with hearts drawn on notebook paper thanks to yours truly). The first time I wrote a love letter, I agonized over it, trying to make it seem “writerly” and romantic. I spent hours trying to figure out the best way to sign it. Love? From? Yours? (I ended up using what is now my signature for everything—a heart and my first initial). When I forced it, the letter never seemed right. When I opened up and was honest about my feelings, things started to flow. It didn’t have to be perfect. It just had to be real.

This week, we’d like you to write a love letter. It can be to anyone/anything you love, be it a person, pizza, or your pet turtle. You can even write a love letter to yourself, because you are the best! Or maybe you’d like to write the love letter you hope to receive someday. Really, anything that makes your heart happy is worthy of some love. The goal here is to write without overanalyzing things—just express how the intended recipient makes you feel, and how you feel about them. If letters aren’t your thing, feel free to submit art, or a song, or lyrics, or a poem, or anything you feel best conveys your emotions.

Put your heart into it, and send your work, along with your first name, last initial, age, and city/state to [email protected] with the subject line “Creative Prompt” by Monday, November 16 at 6 PM EST.

Your last Creative Prompt was to play the role of historian, and to record whatever details you felt were important for future people to know about your era, or even your day. Here’s what you preserved for the ages…