Illustration by Juman Malouf.

Illustration by Juman Malouf.

When I was little, I thought I’d never write a book. I thought my mother was the book writer of the family, therefore I should find something of my own to do. I got into theater. I wasn’t a good actress. I liked drawing. So, I turned to set and costume design. During my first year at college, I went to a psychic who worked above a crystal shop. She told me I would end up doing what my mother did. I thought, “That will never happen!” As time went on, I continued in theater, and I started a fashion label called Charlotte Corday.

Then, one day, two characters popped in my head: Charlotte and Sonja, identical twins. My best friends growing up were identical twins. I felt like I knew all about them, and what it really meant to be a twin. Some more characters seemed to gather around them in my mind: a villain named Kats von Stralen; their adopted mother, a Tattooed Lady; a mysterious Aunt Alexandria with magical powers. It happened. I was doing exactly what I thought I wouldn’t! I wrote a book, The Trilogy of Two.

Now, to the excerpt below: At this point in the story, the bond between the twins has become strained. Sonja is lost without her sister. She is starting to get a crush on her nemesis, Wolf Boy, without quite realizing what is happening. (Wolf Boy is a special type of “creature.”) I hope you enjoy it!


Sonja ran through the dark meadow, lost. Her sight
was bleary from crying. Had the bond between her and her sister
been broken forever? A wingless silhouette approached. Charlotte
had come back. The bond was unbreakable.

Sonja’s heart sank. “Oh, it’s you.”

“They made me come find you,” grumbled Wolf Boy. “By the
way, you ruined my chances with that Tiffin girl. Thanks for that.”

Sonja’s eyes narrowed. “Why do you care so much about a girl
you’re never going to see again?”

Wolf Boy shrugged. “Animal instinct,” he said.


“Never mind.” He paused for a moment. “How come you never
laugh or smile or have any fun? You spend too much time rolling
your eyes and complaining.”

“I have things on my mind. If you haven’t noticed, our mother
was kidnapped.”

Wolf Boy nodded. “My mother threw me into a stinking or-
phanage. Better not to sulk about it, though.”