Is your label only designed just to release your work or are there plans to release work by other musicians?

Eventually, yeah, but I need to set myself up to be in a position where I’m able to do that for someone else. If anything, I want to set artists up to run their own shit. I wouldn’t want to bring an artist on board and just have them be below me for the remainder of their career. Nah, that’s unfair. It’s not in my character to do those things. I want to be able to help someone and contribute to someone’s success; if I can help set them up to be something greater than me and beyond me, then I’m down for it.

Everyone is really hyped on Kendrick Lamar giving you words of encouragement recently, but was there one piece of motivation that you’ve received along the way that really helped you or set you on your path?

Many great people have told me many great things, like my friends have told me things that stay with me forever. My mum’s told me shit that sticks in me and puts me in my place. My advice to anyone else is: Girls, know your worth. Don’t ever feel submissive or like anyone else is superior because you are equally just as strong. That’s just a message for all women. ♦