You recently released a torrent of all your EPs and you’re releasing your album independently. Why is it important to you to have control over the way your work is received?

I don’t have that control and I don’t want it—I feel like that’s too much power. I need to make what I like, and people will interpret it the way they want to receive it. I can’t expect people to like what I do (even though they should ’cause I think my shit’s tight) but everyone will have their own opinions and catch on at a different time—someone might not get it until my second or third album.

I feel like, if you have expectations and they don’t get met, then you get let down and you get disappointed. I’m tired of feeling like that; I’ve been feeling like that for a long time, so I’ve just learned to not have any expectations and just let things be. If I get to say, “I released my debut album on my own label,” I’ve already won. And the fact that what I’m releasing is a story and a message and it’s real and it’s truth. It’s honest music and there’s not enough of that. So it’s win-win.