You have a collective of artists and friends around you who are all making work too, right?

Yeah, Space Age. It’s just my friends, we’re pretty chill. It’s just a foundation for support; they’ll come to my shows, if someone’s got a video shoot we’ll all go and support them. whatever it is, we just got each other. It’s nice to be able to have that within a friendship group.

Being around people doing so many different creative things, is there anything that you’d want to pursue besides music?

I would love to be a teacher. I think it would be kinda tight. I think teaching’s sick, it just depends on what you teach.

What was school like for you? Did you have any teachers whose example you’d want to follow?

No, I didn’t want to follow in any teacher’s footsteps, none that taught at my school anyway. They really don’t understand the way teenagers work, they don’t get it. I’m sure they have to put up with a lot—dealing with a classroom full of students five days a week—but some of the morals, I don’t believe in what they teach. At the time, I knew the system was a bit fucked up but I didn’t really understand to what extent until I got older and then it all made sense to me a bit. Me and my friends get into debates about stuff and I really struggle with the question, “Would you put your kids in public or private school?” Maybe it’s my school that was like that—I went to a girls’ school so there was different types of politics. In school I was cool, I wasn’t naughty, I listened…to an extent. But I just learnt to form my own opinions at an early age.

Were you just waiting to be done so you could do your own thing?

100 percent. I was so ready to dip from school. I was just over it, the whole concept of it. It wasn’t all bad; I met some of my closest friends who I’m still close to today—three of my closest girls, I’ve known since I was 11. So it wasn’t all bad—the experiences you have, and the people you meet, and the person you grow up to be. But just some of the teaching is just fucked up. I don’t ever remember being taught how to get a mortgage, but I remember going to work experience and learning how to be the employee, not the employer. Little things like that make you think a bit.