The visual art side to your music is really strong. Can you tell me about the Curious Tale of Trials + Persons exhibition you held last month?

Yeah, I had an art exhibition down at Red Bull Studios in London where 10 university students came to display pieces of art they had each created based on a song from my album. I met them in the beginning of August, and I sat down and played them the song they’d be creating pieces to. I got to know them and explained to them what the record was about, and then they went away and crafted pieces in just under a month. Then, for the whole week [the exhibition] was open to the public, anyone could come through and they would listen to a snippet of the song in headphones dangling from the ceiling as they saw the songs visualized. It was kinda tight. Everyone that came through was a part of the experience and the artistry.

On the closing night we had a party and that was tight. My mum cooked food and I did a performance downstairs in the basement. It was nice just to be able to do things a little differently and make it feel like I really want people involved. Anyone can throw a party, but why not do something a bit cool and quirky and exciting. I was surprised at the amount of people that came through and showed love. My album is my baby. I remember that whole week it was raining, like heavy and people still came out to show me support.