You have such a strong sense of yourself and what you stand for, which really comes across in your music and even in this conversation! Was that always the case? Did you go through periods of self-doubt before getting to this headspace?

Yeah, 100 percent I went through self-doubt; a lot of second-guessing myself, second-guessing my ability, my talent. Going from being the artist that did want to get signed and no one wanted to sign me, to then being the artist that doesn’t want to sign and now record labels are very, very, very, interested in signing me—that transition is kinda weird. I didn’t always have this mentality, it took going through things and learning more about myself and the music industry to get a strong sense of who I am.

Was there anyone who helped during that time, like a mentor or a close friend to confide in?

Not so much a mentor, just my fam. My family has been there from the jump when it comes to this stuff. They really nurtured me and made me the person I am. My mum raised me well, so it all goes to them.