What is it that you wanted to say on this record?

I wanted to talk about what’s happening in my life right now, like the change I’m going to in terms of adapting to always being seen or recognized. The main topic it discusses is fame, so that’s kind of the template of the album, and I talk from different people’s perspectives and points of view, and I tell my story along the way.

That idea of being seen, does that ever impact the way you dress or present yourself? Does knowing people are looking at you ever get in your head?

Me, personally, no. I just dress how I feel comfortable and however you see me—if I’m in tracksuit and a hoodie—then that’s how you see me on that day. I take pride in my appearance, but I’m not like, Aw, I need to make sure I look like a girl today. Nah, if I wanna put on sweats and trainers and just be cool, then I’ll do that. I’m not too fussed and I think that people get that from me. I mean, I like the way I dress, personally.

So do I!

[Laughs] Yeah, that’s just how I feel comfortable, it’s not a show-off thing, I’m not dressing to impress.

I get the sense that’s why you felt a bit alienated by the major label approach, of being told who to present yourself as, is that right?

Yeah, you’re correct. Just in the fact that I didn’t want to conform; I didn’t like the idea of selling my integrity just to be someone that I’m not anyway. It didn’t really make sense to me. So I just held back from that and found an alternative route, and I found a method that kinda works perfectly for me, and that’s just to be myself. All this trying to be someone you’re not stuff is so played out and people eventually realize that it was never real to begin with. And that’s not good. Just keep it honest.