A coupling of fashion and athleticism to rival Posh Spice and David Beckham.

A coupling of fashion and athleticism to rival Posh Spice and David Beckham.

Showing my athletic friends support at their games is always a challenge: I attempt to express my personal style without feeling like a total goober for treating a football game like a fashion show. Over the years, I’ve found a happy medium. This DIY balances two worlds—separate since the dawn of time—to achieve harmony between sport and style.

Whether your friend is an athlete, or joining the ranks of Cady Heron and Lindsay Weir as a mathlete, or just needs some love, this friendship support jersey will cheer them on. Indulging in ridiculous Sporting Event Fashion is half the fun of attending; do what works for you!

What you’ll need:


  • Fabric markers
  • A plain jersey or T-shirt
  • A Circular mug or can
  • Paper

How to do it:

Step One


Evenly fold a thick piece of paper and slide it in between layers of your shirt so that you can protect your drawing from bleeding to the other side (unless that’s what you’re going for! Creativity is key, do your thing).

Step Two


Take your can or mug and place it toward the left or right of the collar to make a logo of sorts. Using the edge of the can or mug as a guide, write your supportive message for your friend.


Continue to trace around your can or mug until you’ve made a circle of support with your words.

Step Three


Embellish your shirt as you see fit! As if this DIY wasn’t screaming Courtney Gripling levels of posh loud enough already, I decided to use roman numerals—matching my friend’s jersey number—on the back of my supportive jersey to better fit my look.


Then you’re all done! Easy, right? Now you’re ready to go scream “Go, best friend” courtside! ♦