Some of my friends from Queer Straight Alliance did our peer education presentations in the freshman classes at my school. Our QSA has been doing this for a few years and what we do is cover basic info about the LGBTQ+ community and go over safety at school. This year, I did presentations all day during each period. I thought I would be nervous but everything was fine. Last year, when I did them I didn’t talk and I would sway nervously. This year when I messed up, it didn’t feel like the end of the world and it was easy to laugh it off. I felt more relaxed partly because my friends were around, but I also did a full presentation by myself that went really well. I think it’s true that my self confidence has improved a lot. A year ago, I cared so much about what other people thought of me that it got in the way of what I could actually do. I still care, but I know that what I think about myself and what the people close to me think is way more important. It means a lot to me that I was able to do that presentation alone; that was a big step. Now I know I’m capable of being on my own. ♦