Look Three


What you’ll need:

  • A baseball cap
  • Embroidery floss. You can buy colors individually or in packs at fabric and craft stores.
  • An embroidery needle. They come in varied sizes, too, but what you really want to look out for is that the needle has an elongated eye so the embroidery floss will fit through it.
  • White pencil (optional)
  • Patience!

Step One


Sketch the outline of your chosen design. Use a white pencil if your cap is dark like mine.

Step Two


Cut a piece of floss in the color of your choice. Take as much as you think you’ll need for the amount of space you’re going to cover (but don’t worry, you can always cut more later if you need to). Thread your needle and tie a knot near the eye so the floss doesn’t slip out. Tie another knot at the end of your floss so it won’t run through your cap while you’re stitching.

Step Three


Time to make your first stitch, a basic split stitch (there are more tips on split stitching here, too). Starting on the inside of the cap, stick the needle from the back of the fabric through to the front (the front is where you drew your outline). The knot you made should be on the inside of the cap. Then, do the same again, except in reverse—find a spot a little further along the outline, and push your needle and floss through to the inside of the cap.

Step Four




That’s your first stitch done! Now, bringing the needle through the front of the hat again, create a cross across the stitch you’ve just made. Once that’s done, continue stitching in and out. Each time, your new stitch will start at and go through the end of your last stitch that is furthest down the outline. It’s not as hard as it sounds! (And this guide is helpful if you need backup.) Following the outline of your design, repeat steps three and four until the outline is done.

Step Five



To fill in the design, you are going to use a similar stitch, but longer. Use the needle to puncture the hat from the back of the fabric to the front, then bring it through to the opposite edge of the design. Repeat.

Step Six




To finish the design, continue to repeat steps three, four, and five. Your embroidered baseball cap will soon be done! This DIY takes some patience, but the end product always looks great.


Yay, you’re done! Feel free to mix a little bit of each of the three different DIYs I’ve shown—there are no limits to creating your own special cap. Remember to give each one you make a little love, and it will definitely be there for you whenever a bad hair day strikes. ♦