Summer Crush: Fading Thought Process

A drop of sweat snakes down the center of the spine. You do nothing about it. You accept your slow demise, melting in the severe heat. Let it happen. There are a lot of things you just let happen these days. You let yourself remain in a natural state around her until she herself changes into part of the beach sunsets that you never witness anymore. Her nature makes the view that much better. You know she’s watching it. You do not have anything close.

You let yourself tense up as soon as he walks away from you and you melt even faster when you remember your last embrace, both dressed to say goodbyes one cool summer evening. And you let him leave, away on a job you still do not have.

A shot of pain seeps into the stomach. You do nothing about it. You can’t sleep. You let yourself melt in bed, naked in the humid night. You let both of them live. You let yourself wonder why they would consider a dark, muted presence like yourself. The black girl, often the secondary character. You look outside. You do nothing about it. Not tonight.

—By Iris A.