I started college recently and it’s so amazing. I’ve made friends of all kinds, mainly with the awesome Rachel and James who I’ve hung out with every day. I sat next to Rachel on the first day, she was really friendly toward me and didn’t seem to know anyone, unlike others in the class. The following day I sat with her again, and discovered she was friends with James. I thought he would be a bit intimidating but it turns out he’s actually really sweet. The three of us have been texting daily ever since.

I’m studying level three Media, which means I get to do all the creative stuff that I’m good at, without failing with an exam at the end. I’m also getting a small qualification in Enterprise which I’m excited about. I’m still not entirely sure what Enterprise is, but so far it seems to be a more fun and creative version of a business course with a smaller qualification. I know we’ll be learning how to create our own businesses, and the work that surrounds that. We had our first lesson today and it was brilliant. I was terrified about the first few days, but now that I’ve settled in and spoken to almost everyone in my class I am genuinely excited. The whole class and staff seem really nice and I hope everyone stays that way.

The only down side to my new college is that instead of it being a 10-minute walk from home, like my school was, it’s a 15-minute walk, 25-minute bus journey, and then another 10-minute walk. Its not as bad as Rachel’s journey: She has to get a lift, a bus, and two trains.

On a separate note, I’m looking for a second online job. While it would probably be best to get a non-online one, I don’t think I could cope with it. I have improved so much over the year in terms of my anxiety, but it’s still something that I fight with every day and getting a so-called real job would be just be too overwhelming. ♦