"Getting into the swing of things." —Ella Carlander.

“Getting into the swing of things.” —Ella Carlander.

We are so happy to be welcoming new diarists this entire week. In yesterday’s installment of Dear Diary, Tayler Montague and Jao San Pedro, made their debut. Today, please wave a hearty welcome to Ella Carlander, one of our new visual diarists. Welcome, Ella!


I am home and I have returned to a world where I do not exist. The feeling is comparable to, say, watching your own funeral from beyond the grave and realizing that no one showed up. Read More »


I slapped him in the face, but he threatened to obstruct my apartment leasing procedure. I gathered up my courage and went to the police station director’s office, I told him what had happened. The man denied it, of course. Read More »