For this Saturday’s printable, Hunter Schafer made a card that you can color, cut out, and then use to build a cozy-as-heck pop-up scene.

Click here to download the colorable components (Page One):

pop ups_Page_1

And here to download the card template (Page Two):

pop ups_Page_2

Aside from printer paper, all you’ll need is a glue stick, the coloring tools of your choice, and a piece of heavy construction paper or card stock. Here’s how to make it!

Step One

step 1

Print both pages. Before you get started, we recommend gluing Page Two to a piece of heavy construction paper or card stock, so that it’ll provide a sturdier structure for your pop-up masterpiece.

Step Two

card 2

Color in the shapes on Page One.

Step Three

card 3

The side of Page Two with the blank square will be the background for your pop-up scene. Color in as you see fit! (Hunter made a striped background, kind of like wallpaper.)

Step Four

card 4

Fold Page Two in half, so that the background faces out. Cut along the long, vertical sides of the rectangles. (Don’t cut through the short, horizontal sides.) When you’re done, open the card and fold it so that the background faces in. It should look something like this:

card 5

Step Five

card 6

Flatten Page Two out, and cut out all the pieces on Page One.

Step Six

card 7

Now glue the cut-out pieces to the background, scene-builder! The card’s folded, vertical lines can be used as supports to glue pieces on, like so:

card 9

Step Seven

card 10

Write a message to a friend, yourself, or the universe on the banner pieces, then glue ’em on.

card 11

Look at this sweet scene! Don’t you kinda wish you could temporarily shrink yourself to hang out in there? ♦