Print and fold this fortune-telling cootie catcher, and all your wildest dreams will be realized! OK, so cootie catchers can’t actually predict or guide the future (here’s where I’d put a winking-frown emoji, if that existed), but they are still a lot of fun. And just maybe your fortune will come true. If so, please tell us all about it: Share any and all results in the comments!

If you have a color printer, click here to download this kaleidoscopic fortune-teller:

Lucy-Cootie Catcher 2

And if you have a black and white printer—or like to color—click here for the colorable version:

Lucy-Cootie Catcher-black and white

Mad love to Arthur for everything, really—but especially for these super-helpful instructions on how to fold a cootie catcher!

How to use it, after it’s folded:

1. Choose Snake, Rings, Sneaks, or Bey.
2. Spell out that word, opening or closing the cootie catcher as you say/think each letter.
3. Look inside the cootie catcher, and pick a number. Open and close the catcher again that number of times.
4. Choose a new number, open that flap, and find your fortune inside! ♦