Every morning, I look forward to a signature beauty ritual that allows me to face the day head-on. After my eye liner has been applied, the ceremony is complete, and I can recognize myself once more. Some days call for a more playful, involved effect, but I could never seem to sacrifice sleep in order to fulfill that…until I came across eye dots. Eye dots have been on cool girls like Zoe Kravitz, and on Anna Sui’s runways. If they’re good enough for rock royalty and New York Fashion Week, they’re good enough for me! I was able to add a bit of playtime to my routine without sacrificing sleep time.

What you’ll need:


Just a black liquid eye liner! This look would also be so fun with a colored or glittery liner. A pencil works just fine, too; just make sure it is very sharp!

How to do it:

Step One


Choose a spot around your eye! This can be the inner corner, outer corner, under the pupil of the eye, along a cat eye liner flick, etc. There are no rules! Once you’ve found the perfect spot, you’re ready to turn your eyes into a work of art.

Step Two

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To get the perfect dot, I like to stipple tons of little eye dots into a cluster. Pretend you’re in art class! I find that this gives a well-rounded eye dot, instead of trying to draw a circle, which may drag the liner and end up looking like you blobbed your mascara.

Step Three


Enjoy your fun, new little detail, and all the compliments you’re bound to get! ♦