Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Welcome to Rookie’s new, monthly horoscopes! On the first of every month, we’ll be teaming up with an astrologer who will dispense celestial wisdom and heads-ups in the form of sign-by-sign forecasts. Horoscopes can provide insight to understanding the cosmic cards you’re dealt, but it’s up to you to play them—so for each sign, I (Dylan) will drum up positive ideas to help you capitalize on the astrological opportunities that these star-alignments are throwin’ at ya.

Below, you’ll find horoscopes for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. I recommend reading them for your sun sign, which is your default sign (when someone says, “I’m a Capricorn,” they are referring to their sun sign), as well as reading them for your rising sign, which you can figure out here. Rising signs are as important as sun signs in understanding your cosmic make-up and what influences may be coming your way this month!

For our inaugural ’scopes, we are super, super excited to invite our friend Tali Edut of AstroStyle (Tali’s sister, Ophira, is her co-twin in the AstroTwins) to be our first astrologer! Tali will guide us through this month’s overall trends, and then sign-by-sign breakdowns of what the stars have in store for the beginning of the school year. Let’s see how we can make the most of this month!

Tali, on September’s astrological trends:

Venus turns direct: Venus, which has been retrograde since August 1, finally turns direct on September 6. Love gets back on track after then. Venus also rules style, so you might want to hold off on back-to-school shopping until Venus goes direct. Alternately, those first six days of the month, while Venus is still retrograding, you could do some awesome thrifting, because retrogrades are all about circling the past. There will probably be a lot of early September crushes, and doodling hearts and names around the first month of school.

Mercury retrogrades: Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year, and it influences communication, travel, and technology. This time, it’s happening September 17 through October 9 in Libra, which is the sign of partnerships and paperwork. If you have any forms you need to turn in—like papers for signing up for a team, or nominating yourself for a leadership role in a club—don’t stall! This retrograde can bring back exes and frenemies, but it also may bring about reunions—if you didn’t get to see a friend all summer, you might be able to finally catch up once school starts.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius: Another big thing—and it only happens every three years—is that Saturn is changing signs on September 17. It’s moving into Sagittarius for two years, which is the sign of connections, travel, and higher learning. You might want to take a class at a community college, or get those AP credits in. It’s a good time to consider an exchange program or get serious about language classes. Even going out of your way to diversify your friend group could get a boost during this time. Saturn can bring a heaviness or weightiness, so take advantage of this more serious period by adding challenging classes to your schedule.

Dual eclipses: The first is on the 13th—a new moon eclipse in Virgo. You may find yourself wanting to get everything organized, and to finally get back into the routine! Virgo is the sign of service, so take the opportunity to get involved in a volunteer program. Evaluate your schedule and change a class if you need to.

The second eclipse is on the 27th, and it’s a lunar full-moon eclipse in Aries. This one is all about stepping out, being proud, and flying your freak flag! On the flip side, it can get intense and competitive. People could get a little cut-throat around this eclipse. It’s advisable to not let your ego take over—but don’t hide in the shadows, because the Aries influence may urge you to really show the world who you are! The sun will be in Virgo until the 23rd, which is a great time to adapt to packing healthier lunches and snacks, maybe walking home from school more often—just staying healthy in whatever way that applies to you.

The sun enters Libra: On the 23rd, the sun enters Libra, which is all about beauty, love, and harmony. It’s a time for making peace. It’s also couple-y and romantic.

So what does all this mean for you? Right this way!

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