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There’s always a birthday coming up (like mine…in two months!), and if you’re the kind of person who loves giving gifts, it can be difficult when you don’t have a bunch of moola or time to spend. A cool thing you can do is head to your closest drugstore or discount shop, pick up some inexpensive beauty tools, then make them over using supplies from your craft box. A dull-looking compact mirror can be reincarnated into a sparkly work of art with some rhinestones and a glue gun; an otherwise unremarkable hair brush or comb can turn into a fuzzy creature with just a few pom-poms. The options are endless!

Aside from giving these as birthday gifts, you can plan to make a bunch for any holidays that call for presents, or—better yet—just bestow one on a friend (or yourself!) to say “I’m so glad you exist!” You don’t need a special occasion to spoil someone with your AMAZING CRAFTS.

What you’ll need:

drugstore items

  • A brush (Yes, that is a Frozen–themed kiddie brush!)
  • Compact mirrors
  • A tabletop cosmetic mirror

I got all of my beauty tools from Big Lots, but I also recommend hitting up dollar stores to get these types of goodies for a bargain.


I also got faux eyelashes, as you can see above, but they didn’t work out like I wanted them to. SADFACE. But that’s the beauty of crafting: Even if something doesn’t happen like you planned, it can still turn out awesome, as you’ll see soon!

How to Pom-Pom-ify a Brush


If your plan, like mine was, is to cover the whole back of a brush with pom-poms, you’ll want to do some surface preparation so the hot glue will securely bond to the plastic. I didn’t have any sandpaper around, but I did have a nail file, which basically works the same way. Sand or file the entire back of the brush’s smooth surface. The glue will grip the roughed-up surface and lessen the chances of the pom-poms coming off.


Now comes the fun part. Plug in your glue gun and wait for it to warm up. Once it does, insert a glue stick, then squeeze a small dot of glue on a pom-pom and tack it on the brush. It may be easier to dab the glue on the brush directly, then place the pom-pom afterward. Whichever way works best for you! I didn’t have a specific order in mind in terms of colors—I just tried to space them out as evenly as I could. After you have the entire back part of the brush covered in pom-poms, top ’em off by glueing on some eyeballs! Brushing your hair is now officially the cutest thing you can do.

How to Glam Up a Compact Mirror


As you’re about to see, I took a different direction for each of my compact mirrors—one’s sparkly (pictured above, on the left), and one looks like a little monster (pictured above, on the right).

If you want to go the sparkly route: Cover the smooth lid of a compact mirror entirely in self-adhesive rhinestones, which are pretty simple because they’re like stickers that you can put wherever you want. If you get non-adhesive rhinestones, sand the compact’s lid, then use a glue gun to stick the rhinestones on.

If monsters are more your vibe: Sand the compact’s lid, then glue a strip of faux fur through its center. Glue rhinestones on the rest of the surface. Tack on two pom-poms, then cover those with googly eyes. Look at that—now you can check your makeup with a Muppet!!!

How to Make a Tabletop Cosmetic Mirror Pretty in Pink


For my tabletop mirror, I went with a pretty-in-pink theme, which is as easy as this: Glue a strip of pink faux fur around the mirror’s perimeter, then glue alternating white and pink pom-poms inside it.

And there you have it! Now you’ve got (or a lucky friend has got!) a vanity full of customized brushes, mirrors, and such. How adorable—and fun! ♦