What a charmer.

What a charmer.

After a long yet unsuccessful hunt for the perfect camera strap, I finally decided to make my own! This DIY is super easy, isn’t too time consuming, and is a very cute and cheap way to accessorize your camera. I used rose organza trim to decorate my strap, but if you want to change things up a bit and make it your own: Go for it! Cover your strap with fabric, paint, patches, or even a different type of trim. The possibilities are practically endless!

What you’ll need:


How to do it:

Step One


Remove the camera’s original strap and set it aside. Clip the lobster clasps onto the camera.

Step Two


Take the cotton webbing and drape it around your neck. Decide how long you want your camera strap to be. Make a mark on each side of the webbing where you’d like the end to go, then cut the webbing at those points. Dab a little fray stopper over each end to keep the webbing from unraveling.

Step Three


After the fray stopper dries, pull one end of the webbing about two inches through a D-ring. Fold it so that it makes a loop, then hot glue it down and firmly into place. Repeat on the other side of the webbing with the second D-ring. Wait for the glue to dry. (At this point, you could use a needle and thread to sew straight lines through the webbing where it’s doubled over, if you want your strap to stay extra-secure around the D-rings.)

Step Four


Starting at one of the strap’s ends, hot glue the trim across the entire length of the webbing. Once the strap is completely covered, cut off any excess trim. Now snap a D-ring into each lobster clasp.


I was really excited that my strap turned out the way it did! When you want something done right, sometimes you’ve just gotta do it yourself. ♦