Sadness Heals

I feel numb inside, and I beg to feel once again. It’s as if the earth has stopped rotating and my body is just floating, but not freely. I’m just still. My thoughts turn bland, and I can’t understand why. My dullness has me craving emotion that will make me feel real again. Sadness is the perfect blue angel that never disappoints. His features are so beautiful; you can’t help but feel your heart begin to ache. Sadness overwhelms you and makes crying become a hobby. He makes everything around you turn blue and gray, even the flowers in the Spring. Once sadness makes his way in your mind, it’s hard to make him go away. Sadness knows the perfect movies and music that will break you down. His daunting presence reminds you of people and places you can’t go back to. Sadness hangs over your head and weighs you down. He’s like a weight on your chest at night and his enchanting blue color keeps you up able to nudge your mind. But you can’t help but feel a sudden ease after the tears are over. The feeling of being real and not the old dull-hearted person you once called to Sadness to help you leave behind seems to be worth every ache. You remember this familiar feeling of comfort that Sadness has always promised you if you grant him your company. Sadness smiles his weary grin and leaves behind relief.

—By Brenda G., 19, California