Amandla Stenberg shot by X for Dazed & Confused.

Amandla Stenberg shot by Gregory Harris for Dazed.

Amandla Stenberg, the 16-year-old actress, activist, and prime example of how to be an A+ human, is so many other remarkable things, as well. As of today, the lengthy list of her achievements—like calling attention to race issues, playing Catelya in Colombiana and Rue in The Hunger Games, and advocating for No Kid Hungry—includes cover star of the rad fashion and culture magazine Dazed, who shared the photo gracing newsstands far and wide as of today with Rookie! The article examines Amandla’s unprecedented capacity for critiquing the entertainment industry while simultaneously THRIVING in it, proving that you don’t have to keep your head down and stay quiet about what you believe in in order to succeed. And? WHAT A VERY GORGEOUS PERSONAGE.

You can add yet another career title to Amandla’s biography today, too: PROFESSOR. Following her 2013 interview with Jamia, Amandla has very graciously agreed to provide the first installation of the new Rookie feature Life Syllabus, in which rad individuals give us lists of works they wish the whole world entire would check out. Think of these lists as homework assignments, but non-terrible. Herewith: The honorable Prof. Stenberg’s outline of all new stuff for you to love!


Mars, the creator of the @sensitiveblackperson account, is ethereal, spunky, and bold. They create otherworldly collages from their photographs and selfies. I love how Mars uplifts black beauty and magic through creativity through envisioning a movement they call “art ho.”

Photo via @stop__ok.

Photo via @stop__ok.

I appreciate @stop__ok, aka Emmanuel Olunkwa’s, flow. I love his use of color. He’s a dynamic artist.