Still from Holy Mountain.

Still from Holy Mountain.

I’ve been looking for a hat exactly like the black one Jodorowsky wears in the movie Holy Mountain. So far my research has brought me to this, which is a pretty good option. But do you know where else I might find one that is just as extreme as the one in the film, or reminiscent of it? —Emily, WA

As a huge Alejandro Jodorowsky fan—and being that Holy Mountain is my favorite movie of his—I gleefully accept this challenge. The creepy yet stunning scene where Jodorowsky is decked out in head-to-toe black with that crazy hat is one of my favorites.

Fashion designers have sought inspiration from the movie, and that hat, in particular. Gareth Pugh even gave a little hat tip (PUN INTENDED) during his Fall 2014 runway show. The hat is a masterpiece of its own, and I can’t blame you for wanting to incorporate it into your badass-sounding style.

Finding the hat from Sisters of the Black Moon that you linked to is already some really good detective work. Unfortunately, that might be the closest you’ll get to a near-replica of the famed Holy Mountain hat. The only other option is to commission a milliner to make one, but that will probably cost you even more than the one from Sisters of the Moon! Hats are serious business.

While researching men’s hats, I came across this one and this one that are somewhat similar. Unfortunately, those prices are not too far from the Sisters of the Moon one. A well-made hat can be expensive!

I’d go for something as close as possible for a fraction of the price, then style the rest of your outfit in a way that will invoke the spirit of Holy Mountain. Wear a wide-brim hat, like the ones below from Forever 21, then pair it with a black cape dress or something like this or this. Wait, I love that idea so much I might snag it for my own! Zimmerman’s Fall 2014 runway show also had some Holy Mountain-esque looks and their hats were more like these. Check out this collage for more shopping options:

Clockwise from top left: wide brim fedora, $25 Forever 21; felt hat, $39.50, ASOS; felt fedora, $36, ASOS; corded wide-brim fedora, $20, Forever 21.

If you are like, “Ugh, I really want the exact hat!!!” I totally understand that. Start a Holy Mountain-hat piggy bank! It’s cool to invest in a unique, well-made piece that you will wear often. If that hat will make you feel as powerful as Jodorowsky when you wear it, then it will be worth it! Hope this helps! —Marie

I’m attending a six week–long music camp in North Carolina where it rains LITERALLY EVERY DAY and will be super hot. How do I dress for the wind/mud? Any tips for packing for that amount of time in an average-sized suitcase without wearing the same thing every day? —Abbie, 17, Moorhead, MN

I will never be a carefree Tumblr meme girl who doesn’t ~wait for the storm to pass, but learns to dance in the rain~. I’m like, “Nah, this blowout took me two hours and my outfit is dry-clean only!” Pics of people looking muddy at music festivals quite honestly stress me out. Despite this anxiety, I’ve figured out a few ways to combat the summer triple-threat of heat, humidity, and rain that’s trying to sabotage our precious style agendas!

Stick to clothes made of breathable cotton. They’ll keep you cooler than anything synthetic and will dry faster if you get sweaty or wet from the rain. Follow an equation along the lines of 5 cotton tops + 3 pairs of denim shorts + 3 jersey or cotton dresses that you can easily throw on. That = 18 different outfit possibilities! If you only stick to items you know you’ll like and feel comfortable in, then it’ll be less likely that you feel that overwhelming dread of WTF do I wear?! in the middle of camp.

If you decide you’re ready to learn to dance in the rain, make sure you’re prepared with a cute lightweight raincoat and a pair of rain boots! I love these jackets:


From right: transclucent raincoat, $72, ASOS; ice cream raincoat; $45, ASOS.

A pair of clear rainboots like these lace-up wellies are a nice option, because then you can show off a pair of socks to coordinate with your outfit! —Gabby

I’m super into ’90s style, but I can’t find an inexpensive babydoll dress! I want a cotton one that I can get multiples of and dye tons of colors. I want to wear them with floral tights and Dr Martens! —Lila, 15, Missouri

Love this idea! Since babydoll dresses aren’t too hard to find at regular stores these days, you might be able to get a bunch of the same silhouette in different colors without having to worry about dinero or dye. There’s this one for less than $20 that comes in multiple colors; I also love this style, for a little over $20. Then there are these, which are on sale for $11 and come in a bunch of different colors. There’s also a cream version which you can get a bunch of and dye your own desired shade! Since they are made with 100 percent rayon. They’ll be good to go if you use a fabric dye like Rit. Check out more options here:

Clockwise from top left: raglan babydoll, $23, Charlotte Russe; woven babydoll, $35, Pacsun; knit babydoll, $49, Urban Outfitters; red plaid babydoll, $41, ASOS.

If you’re open to prints, I’m loving this floral babydoll, which would look ADORBS with Docs. Speaking of shoes, I MUST share with you the shoes I just bought for myself that I think would look super cute with the look you’re going for: these beauties! Enjoy! —Marie ♦

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