John Green, the author of Paper Towns, and George Lewis Jr., who records music under the name Twin Shadow, both have a knack for making work aimed straight at your heart. Naturally, when they team up on that front, the results are right on target—for proof, check out “To the Top,” a gorgeous song George recorded for the movie version of Paper Towns, which is out in theaters now.

More proof of the goodness that occurs when John ’n’ George get their brains together: this sweet video for Rookie! They sat down to talk about just how they go about writing, thinking, and feeling their way through the creative process, and their conversation is another total bullseye of luv—even when John says he straight-up hates Disney World. To find out the actually-pretty-beautiful reasons why, plus hear about John and George’s hometowns, approaches toward multitasking, and thoughts on meeting your idols, tune in right here:

For more Twin Shadow, download his new Night Rally mixtape, which comprises his demos from 2010 to 2014—so many synthy ’n’ sensitive gems!—or go see him on his upcoming tour, and for more John Green, check out the entire internet—beginning with his lovely Twitter and video channel. ♦