Dear Summer 2015 Bucket List,

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for hastily creating you on June 30. No summer bucket list should be made nine days into summer. I’m sorry for that.

I’m sorry for all the obvious things. Not partying every night, not spending less time on my phone, procrastinating on my summer assignment, etc.

You have to admit though, a lot of my clauses were misguided. Namely, “buy 50 items of clothing,” as I now have $0.15 to my name and $-2.21 in my checking account. I also cannot “Kiss ____,” because he’s gay. And I knew he was gay when I wrote that. (How did I think I was going to get around that?)

Technically I can’t cross off “Get braces off in August” because I got my braces off three weeks early, in July. But, because of this, there is a marginal increase in the chances I “Go into Junior year a hotter Simone.”

Although you are merely a note on my phone, I think you’d be proud to know that, despite my frequent failures, I’ve made some unplanned achievements this summer. I went a whole three days without eating bread! (Then I ate half a pizza, but that’s another achievement in itself.) I have not discovered life changing music, but I’ve introduced Remy Boyz to a slew of kids at the camp where I work. That’s valuable if you ask me.

Can I read 10 new books and finish all the ones I’ve started? Realistically, hell no! Can I binge watch 10 new shows and finish all the ones I’ve started? I think you understand what I’m getting at here. But, if I’ve learned anything from WWE superstar Bo Dallas, it is that anything is possible, so long as I Bo-lieve!

There are six weeks of summer left, and I believe I can make them both magical and productive.

Yours truly,
Simone ♦