I had my first appointment with a therapist today.

It was OK. I only needed two or three tissues. It’s interesting how easy it can be to open up to someone when they don’t know anything about you. Especially since I don’t open up to many people in general.

I’ll go back next week and until then I’ll distract myself as best I can. I finally ran a respectable 5K time this weekend, took a rest day, and laced back up to train again. I made plans with friends for only the second or third time this summer because I’ve sorely neglected them and I regret that, if anything. I’ll squeak my way over to the nearest soccer complex on my bike to start getting back into shape before fall training begins in a couple of weeks.

For the past few months, starting things has been the hardest part. Maybe I’ve sounded productive on paper but the entire time I feel like I’ve been living in a fog, so weighed down by some invisible force that it’s nearly impossible to roll out of bed some mornings. I feel slowed down and lethargic no matter how far I run. But I’m taking steps to find help with all that. That’s a start. That was the hardest part. ♦