As a homebody with the spirit of an incredibly glamorous person, I love a strong pajama look. Cute jammies make the time I spend sleeping, primping, and on the internet feel just as valuable as the time I spend going out. Just because I’m staying in doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to dress like my most elegant self! Styling a pajama outfit can be an art form, just like styling a look for the red carpet. If you don’t believe me, get cozy and kick up your fuzzy slipper–wearing feet, because today we’re going to explore some of pop culture’s most inspirational pajama moments!


Pajama Party (1964) is technically a movie about a teenage martian who descends upon a beach town to prepare Earth for an alien invasion, but mostly it’s a tale of teenagers dancing in their pajamas. It was made as a spinoff of the popular Beach Party series, which means lots of the characters’ outfits resemble swimsuit coverups rather than lazy loungewear. Connie (Annette Funicello) wears an impressive assortment of pajamas: Channel her look with a cute babydoll-style nightgown or a shorts set, and don’t forget a matching headband!


Far left: Cami short set, $47, ASOS. Center, top to bottom: Pajama short set, $81,; slippers, $90, Zappos. Far right, top to bottom: Headband, $12, Lacoste; babydoll slip, $32, Etsy.


Fran Fine from The Nanny (1993–1999) is celebrated for her super-bold outfits, which were frequently designed by Moschino and Todd Oldham. And rightfully so, but I think the bathrobes Fran wore on the show are equally as worthy of our attention! Fran is always walking in late to breakfast while the rest of the family is already dressed and ready to go, but it doesn’t matter because she’s always sporting a flossy chenille robe. Fran’s colorful robes were designed by a company called the Canyon Group, which still sells similar styles. They’re a little bit pricy (or INVESTMENT PIECES, depending on how you look at it), so here a few other plush novelty robes that will make you feel like the flashy girl from Flushing:


Clockwise from far left: Terrycloth “Girl Talk” robe, $85, Bluefly; plush dessert-print robe, $21, Forever 21; plush heart robe, $15, Forever 21; terrycloth duck appliqué robe, $85, Bluefly.


I maintain that you can learn basically everything you need to know about love from TLC, and that you can learn everything you need to know about formal pajamas from their 1994 video for “Creep.” The video features Chilli, Left Eye, and T-Boz wearing different colored pairs of silky oversized pajamas. Make like the women of TLC by buying a pair of satin PJs a few sizes too big. Ideally, only fasten the top button and stand in front of a fan. If your family thinks you look weird and tries to bother you about it, just yell “KEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW” at them.


Left, top to bottom: Satin scrunchie, $5.50, Amazon; satin pajama set, $43, Nordstrom Rack. Center, top to bottom: Crop top pajama set, $40, Topshop; satin pajama set, $28, Macy’s. Right: Personalized satin robe, $58, Nordstrom.


Long before Sex and the City or Girls, The Golden Girls (1985–1992) were the OG ladies who brunched. Except you didn’t see them sitting around trendy restaurants. Nope: Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia knew the value of divulging the details of your personal life in the comfort of your very own home (and pajamas). Get in touch with your inner Miami retiree with a drape-y floral-print robe and a satin nightgown. You can even pay homage to the girls’ favorite late-night snack by accessorizing with a mini cheesecake pendant necklace!


Clockwise from left: Cutout slip, $45, ASOS; sleep mask, $15, Nordstrom Rack; cheesecake necklace, $26, Etsy; kimono, $35, Miss Selfridge.

Keep these patron pajama-saints in mind next time you get ready for bed, and you’ll give new meaning to the expression “beauty sleep”! ♦