Hello again my lovelies, hope you’re all well. The last few weeks have been exam-busy, now I have only one exam left and that’s on Friday.

I’m often reading articles, watching YouTube videos and especially reading Rookie posts in which wonderful people write, talk, and do things they are passionate about. This makes me think about what I’m passionate about; writing, media, and—if you can be passionate about people—my friends.

When we first met, it was winter; you had a scarf wrapped around your neck and red lipstick on your lips. You were already in the bookshop when I entered, surrounded by bookshelves; your eyebrows were furrowed as you scanned your surroundings.

You smile at me and I smile back. I then replicate your expression as I look around and realize that this bookshop only sells books about Christianity. I look back to the front window at the snowflakes spray painted on the glass, surrounding the nativity scene of Jesus in a manger.

“Oh,” I said under my breath. You looked at me again and laughed, “weren’t expecting this much religion?” I smiled again and shook my head. I felt uncomfortable and inadequate; I was wearing leggings and an oversized hoodie, my fluffy socks poking out of my Dr. Martens. You had perfect eyeliner and a plaid collared shirt tucked into a red skirt. I broke my silence by telling you I liked your shirt. You laughed and told me it was five quid from Primark. I gestured to my whole outfit and said, “Primark.”

You asked me if I was going to buy anything and I told you no, you then told me I was pretty and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I still marvel and your confidence. I, of course, said yes. And that is the story of my first encounter with Jessica. ♦