Do you ever wish that you were on a beautiful, tropical island surrounded by water and warm sand? Well, here is an alternative to making a long trip and spending wild amounts of money: Decorating a corner of your room so that it’ll magically transport you to your favorite beach! Take a few random items and put them all together on your wall to create a small vacation shrine.

What you’ll need:

• Tape
• Tissue paper
• Cording
• Scissors
• Postcard(s)
• Construction paper (any color)
• Keychain
• Stickers
• Thumb tacks
• Markers
• Anything that reminds you of summer
• Baseball hat
• Potted plant
• Patches (here’s a link that’ll show you how to make them)
• Anything that reminds me of summer time
• Fake flowers

How to do it:

Step One:


Make a tassel garland using this tutorial!

Step Two:


Once you have completed the garland, stick one thumb tack to each end and then attach the garland to your wall.

Step Three:


Draw as many palm leaves as you want onto your construction paper. Cut them out, and use tape to stick them on the wall. I love these, because they are so simple and cute!

Step Four:


Use tape to place your favorite postcards on the wall. I chose postcards from Santorini, Greece!

Step Five:




On some construction paper, draw and cut out a hawaiian shirt (you can decorate with markers)! Or, if you have access to a color printer, just go ahead and print a hawaiian shirt. Stick to your wall using tape or a thumbtack.

Step Six:


Grab another thumbtack, stick it into the wall, and then hang the keychain on it.

Step Seven:


With a few fake flowers, you can make a mini version of Kianaheart’s “hanging flowers.” In this video she shows you how to make one! Once you’ve done that, you can hang it wherever you like.

Step Eight:


If you have any empty spaces that need to be filled in, pull out your sticker sheet and get to sticking.

Step Nine:


Off to the side, you can hang your summery baseball hat; attach it to the wall using a thumbtack.

Step Ten:


You can thumbtack patches onto the wall, too. I made these patches with summer in mind!

Step Eleven:


Bring the outdoors in by placing a potted plant off to one side.

Step Twelve:


Then you are done with this all over the place, summer room DIY!

Hope you all enjoyed and make sure to have fun! ♦