1162_default_lLove Shampoo and Conditioner (Davines)
At $25 each, Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner are definitely a splurge, but they are hands-down the best hair products I’ve ever used. I am pretty sure these products are made from the tears of mermaids, because they turn my paltry thin strands into the wavy, sea-nymph hair of my wildest Splash dreams. But it’s also plenty friendly to thicker hair, as it will help balance your hair’s volume without stripping away your natural texture. Its magic lies in its lack of sulphates, which dry out your hair’s natural oils and, for me, cause scalp irritation which presents as folliculitis. Unpleasant. Since I’ve started using Davines Love, I haven’t had any scalp breakouts. There’s nothing but happy, all-natural goodness in these products and you’ll notice an immediate difference in how much more manageable your hair can be. Also, it smells DIVIIIINE, just like I imagine a mermaid’s boudoir smells. —Meagan

ACO-00225-5Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Conditioner (Acure)
Last year, I overdid it with the hair bleach just a bit. This became really clear in the dead of winter, when collective strands started breaking off like chunks of freeze-dried straw. My hair is super-fine in the first place (my peak-health ponytail has a diameter comparable to a No. 2 pencil’s) so I had to put a stop to it, somehow, immediately. I did what I tend to do during beauty freakouts, which was cruise Into the Gloss for advice. I learned about Acure Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Conditioner. I don’t know what an Argan Stem Cell is, to be honest, but this roughly $10 bottle of conditioner, which has a pleasantly blank fragrance and has lasted three months of showers so far, not only salvaged what was left of my poor brittle hair, but made it freshly soft and flouncy. This is my hair’s theme song thanks to THIS conditioner. —Lena

Baking-Soda-tovaBaking Soda (Arm & Hammer)
If you’re afraid of the ingredients in your toothpaste or cleaning products, consider this little orange box of wonder. Baking soda is good for all sorts of things—brushing your teeth, getting rid of odors, cleaning your hair—and it only costs a few bucks! I’m not entirely against shampoos and conditioners; I alternate between using store bought products and then not, depending on my mood and the weather. But when I’m not regularly using shampoo, baking soda works well to tame the grease that drips off my very thick, short, curly hair, since shampoos and conditioners leave my mop dry and unhappy. I follow the recipe detailed on the Hairpin: One part baking soda to one part water, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse to help eliminate dryness. I even occasionally use baking soda as a dry shampoo! If you have black hair, thin hair, or hair prone to dryness, poke around on the internet before using this to see how others with your texture or hair type have experimented with baking soda before using it (here are some articles that thoroughly break down how and why baking soda can be bad for hair). I haven’t ever had a problem, and I like that baking soda is way less mysterious than the other hair products I buy from the grocery store. —Tova

Satin-Matte-Eyeshadow_grandeSatin Matte Eyeshadow (Alima Pure)
I love experimenting with different makeup finishes and Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Eyeshadow is great for that. The shadows contain only up to four ingredients, including the mineral mica. If I’m not sweeping the shadow on my lids for a quick dash of color, I’m using it as eyeliner. To convert the loose powder into a liner, use a small, dampened makeup brush to apply the shadow. My fave shade has to be Danube which is described on the website as “faded denim”—it’s an AWESOME gray, and my love of gray makeup is well-documented! —Chanel

thedirt_toothpowder_fgj_ingredient_bg_tinted_1024x1024Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder (The Dirt)
At first glance, you might mistake The Dirt for bronzer or allspice. The Dirt is the one and only toothpaste I’ve seen that can be sprinkled from a little circular canister. While it might seem unwise to spend $15 on a tiny jar of toothpaste, this mineral tooth brushing powder lasts (almost disconcertingly) forever. I have been using mine for two months and still have plenty left because of its powder form. You’ll like The Dirt if your goal is clean sparkly teeth without toxic ingredients or chemicals. If you’re like me and you prefer brushing your teeth with products that taste like mint, the dusty cinnamon flavor will leave you wanting more. —Jamia

032-2Cell Stimulating Facial Mask (Acure Organics)
OK, this is my favorite face mask right now and perhaps of all time. That is saying a lot because I own A LOT. Like, I have spare sheet masks in my leather jackets “just in case.” I first tried this stuff after a nightmare no-sleep, red-eye flight. I put it on in my office and took a cat nap. Yes, I smeared green goo on my face in the office for beauty AND IT WAS WORTH IT. My skin looked amazing immediately after applying it. Glowy? More plump, for sure, like the redness had been hydrated out. I took this on vacation and put it on every day and I cannot tell you how drastic a (positive) change my skin underwent. This mask hydrates, repairs cell damage, draws out impurities, all without drying out your skin, and it seems to work on all skin types with equally great results. My skin has seldom looked better. Also, the instructions on the back are mad funny. A+ I recommend this to anyone alive, and possibly very bored vampires also. —Arabelle

s1375773-main-hero-300Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (Origins)
This is a fancy-sounding name for a product comprised of white china clay and charcoal. Yes, activated charcoal, a chemically enhanced form of the stuff you use to get a summer barbecue going. Activated charcoal is naturally absorbent and has long been used to remove impurities: Doctors give it to you in the ER if you accidentally swallow something you shouldn’t have, and it’s used in Brita water filters. Origins Charcoal Mask is a cult favorite and it’s been around for years because IT WORKS. It’s like a vampire for your face, except instead of sucking your blood, it sucks out annoying blackheads and dead skin. I’ve tried lots of different masks, but this is the only one that actually Does Something noticeable to my skin. The texture is really creamy, so it feels super soothing. And despite its Roomba-like cleaning abilities, it isn’t too drying (but always follow up a face mask with a hydrating moisturizer). After I rinse, I am left with unclogged pores and radiant, glowing cheeks. It’s pricey as heck for a tube, but Sephora carries an exclusive smaller travel size for $17. I usually buy the smaller tube, and it lasts me, no joke, like four months. I like to slather this miracle all over my face every Sunday night while I eat a pint of ice cream and watch reruns of The X-Files. Nothing gets me ready for my week like alien conspiracy theories and clean pores! —Meagan

exfoliating_scrubSea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub (Sibu Beauty)
I hope you’ve rid yourself of any facial cleansing products containing plastic microbeads aka tiny polyethylene plastic beads. Here’s why: Those guys aren’t biodegradable, so after we wash our faces, the microbeads travel through our water systems and into large bodies of water, contaminating wildlife. Gross, right? If you want a good facial scrub that will exfoliate your skin and deep-clean your pores while also being safe for the environment, Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub is a good choice. Another cool thing? They source the scrub’s main ingredient—sea buckthorn—through fair trade agreements with harvesters in Tibet. —Marie

9661Calendula Face Cream (Weleda)
I use so many Weleda products that they should be paying me instead of the other way around—like a corporate sponsorship! All of their products smell really good, not like chemicals, but like actual flowers. Every bag I own contains a rolled-up little tube of Weleda cream—face lotion, hand lotion, diaper cream for my baby, rash cream, etc. But my very favorite is the Calendula Face Cream, which is officially “for babies,” but which my friend who is a beauty editor at a fancy magazine told me was the best thing for my cracked and miserable winter skin. She was right. Now I have three backup tubes in my closet, just in case they stop making it. The lotion is thick, which freaked me out at first, but it really does feel like rubbing your whole face in a layer of protective goo, and I just can’t get enough. —Emma

button2Cedarwood and Lavender Essential Oils (DōTerra)
Essential oils, in general, are a MAGICAL commodity—from aromatherapy to skincare, they can be used for almost anything! I’m a big fan of DōTerra brand oils, which I use for my skin. First up is cedarwood oil. This stuff is the BEST for not only clearing up acne, but also making you smell like a glamorous lumberjack. Just dab a tiny bit on your skin (I generally focus on my T-zone) after washing your face, and let it work its magic overnight! Lavender oil is also mega-helpful for healing acne scars and abrasions, especially for serial pimple poppers like me. After a scab forms over the abrasion, I apply a drop of lavender oil, which helps to heal my spot quickly and without scarring. On top of all of this, I find lavender oil’s scent very soothing: It just smells plain gewd. Be very careful, though, when you’re applying essential oils around your eyes and mouth—many essential oils are toxic and can cause harm if ingested. Now go forth and conquer, ya fragrant and fresh-faced beauty! —Savana

bb_8oz_largeBody Butter (Aimee Raupp Organics)
When I was diagnosed with severe food and chemical allergies a few years ago, Aimee Raupp came to my rescue. After a long bout of painful acne flare-ups and other unpleasant reactions, I contacted Aimee after reading her book Chill Out & Get Healthy. In a few short weeks, she helped heal through integrating her natural skincare products into my routine. Her gluten-free products are safe enough to eat and lack toxic ingredients, preservatives, and additives. Aimee’s Body Butter is so velvety and soft; it cured my eczema and eliminated a persistent red rash on my arms and chest. While her sweetly-smelling products aren’t cheap—this butter costs $22—they last a long time and, for me, they were worth the investment. —Jamia

BITE-Beauty-High-pigment-pencil001Lip Crayon and Lip Pencil (Bite Beauty)
One thing that can be frustrating about makeup made with natural ingredients is the lack of color payoff. At times I’ve have to add layers and layers of lip color before the true hue has appeared. Well, Bite Beauty’s products are the solution to that problem: The shades are INTENSE. Plus, they include raw ingredients such as honey. I recommend the reds and purples from both the Matte Créme Lip Crayon and High Pigment Pencil collections. They go on smooth, like butter on a frying pan—the best beauty feeling, tbh. Bite’s lippies last longer than other natural lipsticks I’ve used, but if you’re wary about potential fading, they are very easy to carry around! Bonus: If you’re in New York City, visit Bite’s Lip Lab, where you can DIY your own, personal stick! —Chanel

6365Wild Rose Deodorant (Weleda)
I have spent a shameful amount of money experimenting with natural deodorants, most of which have had such foul reactions to my body’s pH balance that I might as well have taken garbage baths instead. Not so with Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant. It neutralizes unpleasant underarm odors, and its rose scent is perfect—it reminds you why rose has endured as a perfume (despite the bad rap it gets from treacly pink soaps and such) because it is so essentially, organically enticing. It is the fragrance of queens! I feel lucky that I found this version because it is decently inexpensive, and spraying it in my pits makes me feel so damn glamorous every single day. —Lena

450Original Care Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant Stick Unscented (Tom’s of Maine)
For whatever reason, deodorants and antiperspirants always give me rashes after I’ve used them for a while. Or, they’re really heavy and make me feel weird or gross for putting them on. Not so with this stuff! I’ve been using Tom’s for six months or so, and I’ve never had any rashes, it lasts all day, smells good and it’s light enough that it absorbs real fast and I never feel like I’m slapping on patriarchy-tinged, smell-be-gone goo. What’s even cooler is that Tom’s doesn’t test its products on animals, and the website is really clear about the use and origin of each ingredient. Tom’s cares a lot about sustainable business practices, and the company donates some of its profits to human and environmental projects. I am always interested in the actual business practices of beauty brands and Tom’s is pretty respectable. Yay for good deodorant that has a genuinely cool business behind it. —Arabelle

berry-lime-greeen-tea-alysonSolid Perfume (Live Beautifully)
Be prepared for the fangirl attack that is certain to follow your discovery of these Live Beautifully Solid Perfumes. If I’m honest, it was Live Beautifully’s colorful, flowery packaging that first caught my eye. After digging deeper, I was delighted to discover an array of fragrances, all of which appealed greatly to my ever-curious sense o’ smell. The scents range from fruity to floral to woodsy, and even include a couple different choices of solid cologne. I have “Berry Lime Green Tea” in my possession currently, and it is every bit as good as it sounds. This must be some synthetic fragrance shenanigans, you may think. But, alas, it is no such thing. All Live Beautifully solid perfumes have a completely natural base made from organic waxes and butters, plus natural fragrance mixes for that good smellin’ part. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC??!!?? —Alyson

Zoya_Nail_Polish__Zuza_450Nail Polish (Zoya)
When it comes to nail polish, I’ve been more mindful of using brands that have improved their formulas by removing potentially harmful toxins and allergens. While many companies have switched to “5-free”—meaning they don’t contain the five known toxic ingredients formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor—it’s hard to find one that won’t steal all your pennies. OR IS IT? Zoya has over 300 shades to choose from and a bottle of their polish costs just nine dollars, compared to many other natural polish brands that are upwards of $15. I’m pretty obsessed with this mermaid teal color! —Marie ♦