This is a simple DIY for quickly dressing up your hair with fresh flowers, which I’d recommend for prom, a graduation party, or any time you want to feel like a nature goddess/woodland fairy/garden nymph. The style will hold the flowers securely in place but is easy enough to undo if the blooms get droopy.

What you’ll need:

what you'll need

  • The flowers of your dreams, freshly picked or purchased in a bouquet
  • Bobby pins (optional)

How to do it:

Step One:

step one

Near your center part (or wherever you want to place your flowers), make a roughly two-inch section of hair. I started with hair that was freshly washed, conditioned, and blown out on my blow dryer’s hottest setting. Clean hair is optional, but for this style it helps to avoid oils, serums, or slippery products.

Step Two:

step two

Separate the section of hair into three strands.

Step Three:

step three

Braid the three strands, starting from your hair line and stopping when you have about two to three inches of braided hair. Pull the braid tight to your head (this will be the cradle for your flowers!), and leave the pieces at the braid’s end loose.

Step Four:


Break off a piece of flower with some stem attached.

Step Five:

step five

Slide the flower stem-first into the braid’s center root.

Step Six:

step six

Adjust the stem so that it is covered by the braid or by loose hair behind the braid. If the stem is still poking through, or your hair doesn’t securely hold the flower in place or stay braided on its own, you can discreetly bobby pin the stem, or make another braid over it.


Repeat the same steps on any other part of your head where you want to tuck a cluster of flowers. Congratulations: You look as fresh as a daisy! ♦