I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of platforms for FOREVER, but I can’t find anything. They look like this, at the far left. Or maybe you could just ask the boss lady where she bought these? PLZ HELP!!! —Jess, 19, Bloomington, MN

Searching for the Holy Grail of Platform Sandals is a truly righteous journey, my friend. The ones that you seek were on Etsy, meaning they were most likely vintage and hard to find. Until that perfect pair of baby-pink platforms comes into your life again, let’s be THANKFUL that platform sandals are very much a trend right now and you can hopefully find a pair that will delight you in the meantime.

First up: Tavi’s sandals. I asked our sweet queen where she got them and she said…dun dun dun…American Apparel! These platforms come in a variety of colors AND the heel is made of wood. In case you didn’t know, wooden heels are MAJORLY comfy. Every wooden platform I have, including my six-inch stilettos, are unbelievably comfortable to walk in, so this is a good choice! The wooden platform provides ample support for your arches, so even though the height of the shoe may look a tad intimidating, you should be able to walk pretty easily in them. Platforms are a good kind of “cheat” to wearing high heels since they provide an even distribution of weight for your soles. This shoe shape = a seriously radtastic invention.

Of course, I want to give you a good, healthy grab bag of platform chanclitas to choose from, so take a look at the collage below. Since I’m not sure what your budget is, I found sandals in a pretty wide range of costs. The American Apparel ones are the most expensive because you are paying for a good wooden heel. If you want something cheaper, these other choices should be good, too:


Clockwise from top left: Tavi’s sandals, $125, American Apparel; chunky sandals, $20.50, Go Jane; platform heel, $24.50, Urban OG; platforms, $63, ASOS; jelly sandals, $28.50, Echo Clubhouse; Dashin’ Dashia Platform Sandals, $48, Dolls Kill.

I also love these sporty-looking platform sandals, these badass ’70s-style ones, and these amazing rainbow platforms! Hope this helps! —Marie

I’m in the middle of a weight loss/body acceptance journey and have lost about 30 pounds so far. I have followed fantastic body-positive bloggers like Rookie contributor Gabi of Gabifresh, Nicolette Mason, and Nadia Aboulhosn for a couple of years, but lately I’ve been bummed when I look up their looks and realize the clothes aren’t sold in my new size. I’m also trying to adjust to the changes in my body shape and adjust my clothes/style accordingly. Can you recommend any body positive straight-size bloggers? —Lauren, 21, New Hampshire

Luckily, you’ve already got an awesome head start. The three bloggers you mentioned work tirelessly to carve out a space for all bodies. Not to mention: They look so on-point ALL THE TIME. I’ve been following their blogs for years and each trip to their sites involves me picking up my jaw off the floor.

But I hear you! You need some new inspiration to style your new sizing, but want it to come with the body-positive flavor that you care about (and deserve). You seem like a really rad person who is into working to end the marginalization of plus-sized bodies, and for that, I give you a high-five.

This is where it gets a bit tricky: Most straight-sized bloggers don’t write specifically about issues of body image, because they are well, straight-sized. And even if they did write about these things, how would it help advance the conversation? Other than by acknowledging their body privilege and amplifying the voices of plus-sized people, of course. When I had a style blog, this something I thought about at great length. How can I write about the struggles I’ve had with my body, while still making it clear that my body has a heck of a lot of privilege? Up to and including: having white skin, being able to shop at the stores I want, and being able to fit into most clothes I desire. Was it really my place to talk about these issues?

Ultimately, the burden of pushing for body acceptance among all bodies should not be left solely to plus-sized people. I started to realize that the best way to contribute to a crucially important conversation was being the best ally I could. This meant listening to plus-sized people when they talked about their struggles, and refusing to take part in body-snarking, whether to others or to myself. An even though I don’t write my style blog anymore, I continue to carry those principles with me today.

There are lots of other straight-sized bloggers who feel the same way. It can be hard to suss out their level of commitment to body positivity, because as I mentioned above, it is a hard topic for straight-sizers to talk about, given their privilege. But! There are bloggers who dress really cute and are awesome allies:


THE FABULOUS BLOGGERS ARE…top row, from left to right: Caroline of Hey Broadist, Ria of Ria Michelle, and Toni of Fashion Your Seatbelts. Bottom row, from left to right: Bianca of Avant Blargh, Christina of PROFRESH STYLE, and Claire of De Lune.

All of these foxes are guaranteed to provide you days of eye candy. Many of these bloggers share a steadfast commitment to feminism, which you can pick up on from their writing and social media presences. I hope you have a fun time reading through the archives for these fantastic bloggers – bloggers who’ve inspired me throughout the years, and who will inspire you to dress as fly are I know you are. Now go forth and unleash your outer babeliness to the world! —Meagan

This summer, I have a science internship I am super excited about! However, I have to be lab-safe and stylish, which means covered shoulders and full-length pants and skirts. I live where it’s SUPER hot, so any suggestions for staying covered and cool? —Meg, 17, Washington, DC

First of all, congrats on this bodacious science internship, you genius, you! There are loads of ways you can cover up to be lab-safe and stylish over the summer. For 17 years, I was Mormon and attended three long hours of church every week. It was generally tolerable…aside from the fact that I had to cover my knees and shoulders during excruciatingly hot summers. “Modest is hottest,” as my leaders always said. (“Not when you’re about to get heatstroke because ‘boys’ minds wander’ when your sultry shoulders are showing,” I’d mutter under my breath.)

When it comes to covering up while maintaining your awesome individual sense of style, flow is your friend. Making sure that the material you wear is flowy and breathable will allow you to wear super-cute clothes that protect you in the lab. Harem pants are great because they come in such different varieties. They can be sophisticated and professional or casual and groovy, depending on the fabric or cut. American Apparel has some great ones that, although pricy, have lasted me five years. Places like H&M and Forever 21 also offer plenty of affordable alternatives.

If you find some awesome pants, but can’t seem to locate a top that goes with them and covers your shoulders, light and dreamy shawls are great for stayin’ cool and bein’ HOT. (See what I did there? LOL I should never become a comedian.) They’re my go-to when I’m looking for a summer alternative to cardigans. —Mads

I’m making my Confirmation and I’m having trouble finding a dress for the ceremony. It has to be white or red and no shorter than two inches above the knee—ugh! My price range is $20-$50. —Courtney, 16, Anaheim, CA

When I made my Confirmation, I wore a baby-blue shift dress that was about the same length you’re after, and I looked CUTE. So no worries, dear, you will too! Let’s get down to business. Since I don’t know if you’re on the taller side or if you’re a shorty like me, I looked for midi, or mid-length, dresses first. I tried my hardest to stick within your budget, but a few of these go a little bit past it. Shorter dresses are easy to find in that $20-$50 range, but when you start going longer, the price goes up. More material, more dinero, catch my drift? Hopefully, that won’t be too big of a deal. First, my choices for white:


From left: Swing dress, $50, Unique Vintage, flare dress, Unique Vintage, $62; flutter dress, $50, ModCloth.

Length-wise, the first option is obviously the safest bet. I also love this one and this one. Since you didn’t mention whether or not there are rules about covering up your shoulders, there’s also this option. Of course, if that’s too SEXY for church, you can throw a bolero or a cardigan over it!

I like the idea of you going with red because I consider it a more versatile color than white. You’d get more bang for your buck! Unless you hate red and love white more, of course. But chu know, red is a power color, so let’s take a look at some bolder picks:


From left: Mod dress, $54, Heart of Haute; midi dress, $76, ASOS; knotty dress, $72, Heart of Haute.

All three have lengths that are slightly above or just skim the knee. I love the middle one and am thinking about getting it for MYSELF! Also, I’m not sure what shoes you plan to wear on your big day, but something with a bit of a heel or platform will kind of trick you into feeling like your dress isn’t super long. Since I have short legs, sometimes I feel frumpy if I’m wearing a midi-length dress instead of a short one, but heeled shoes help! Hope these inspire you to find your dream Confirmation dress! —Marie ♦

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