It’s super nourishing to have a solid group of friends to grow with. It’s also super nourishing to show it the F off by making a cool patch about it. There are unoffcal merit badges all over the internet: for being awkward, for certain “feminist experiences,” and even for outhouse racing. As former Girl Scouts who have mad respect for the organization’s continuing good works, we created a new series of Suzy-illustrated merit badges to recognize further real-life applications of the Girl Scout Law, whether you’re courageously defending your personal space or changing the world by one act of kindness at a time.

You can print Suzy’s drawings, below, onto iron-on transfer paper to make your own badges! (We’ll tell you what to do with them a little further down the line!) Now, on to patch inspiration for all your worthiest feats…

The Hair Pair Badge


You’ve upped your hair-styling game to the next level by cutting a friend’s hair, or had them bob yours—and maybe you even match. Now celebrate with this badge, twin queens.