I’m half-Chinese and half-Filipino and quite short (5’1″). My conservative family taught me that I can’t wear skimpy clothing, like shorts that are above the halfway point on my thigh. I’m kinda curvy and have short, fat legs, so I have a hard time finding clothes that look good on me. Any advice about how to find my style? —Kim, 15, Philippines

Hello, my fellow Pinay! A lot of peeps can relate to not being able to wear skimpy stuff because of a parent-induced dress code: My mom still hates when I wear short skirts, and I’m well out of my teen years. I, too, am curvy with thick legs, but that’s never stopped me from wearing whatever I want. Sometimes certain styles look great on me, and sometimes they don’t look…THE BEST. Sometimes I care about that, and sometimes I don’t! I just focus on whether I feel comfortable in something, even if it goes against some archaic fashion rule like, “Girls with thick thighs should not wear skinny jeans,” which, please. That is total BOLOGNA. Anyone who wants to wear tight jeans should wear them.

Finding your own style will be a process of trial and error. I’m not the one who’ll be able to decide exactly what you’re going to like and want to wear—that’s up to you. I’m here to help you not worry about your sexy stumps so much! We can go the easy route and look at some longer length skirts and dresses, like the ones here and here. However, it’s hard to find the right length for us shorties. Many of my maxis dragged on the floor at first, so I ended up getting them hemmed!

Your safer bet is probably to find a midi, which is a skirt that is exactly what it sounds like: more mid-length than a miniskirt. I really like this cute swan-printed one and this one with a sheer panel. Now, some people might tell us that hemlines skimming thick calves are “unflattering.” You know I am about to say: JUST FUGGIT! Let me get out my golden scroll that says, in beautifully written cursive, “WEAREST WHAT THOU WANTEST.” ::Cheshire cat grin::

For some solid style icon inspiration, take a look at these Filipina style bloggers. Some are rocking some supercute knee-length and ankle-length skirts, and there are also are a few that identify as plus-size bloggers and are wearing shorter ones:

Clockwise from top left:

Clockwise from top left: Stacy from The Plump Pinay; Patricia from Paradigma; Kim from Miss Jones; Mitch from Feastful Life; Nicole from Nicole Andersson; Abi from The Belated Bloomer.

Try a few things and see if you love any of them. Hopefully this points you in the right direction! —Marie

Any tips on how to dress slutty in the winter and still be warm? I love showing my bod, but wintertime makes me want to cover it all up. —A.E.

There are plenty of ways to wear provocative clothing without freezing your well-displayed tail off, my Arctic Erotician (that’s what your initials stand for, right?). I suggest recontextualizing what “slutty” means to you: You don’t have to bare your figure in order to highlight its foxadociousness. Instead of wearing hot pants in these cold, unforgiving tundras (which, sure, you could still do—just get yourself some fleece-lined tights, at least), let’s encase your regions in bodycon styles. These illustrate how shapely you are just as effectively as skimpy clothing, minus the threat of frostbite. It’s easy to find bodycon pieces with sleeves, longer lengths, and backs. Etsy is a veritable trove of these—just search “bodycon long sleeve” for an abundance of stuff that’ll keep you feeling HOT IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE (eweerrrrgh, I just became every dumb guy who’s ever responded to a comment about the temperature by saying, “Yeah, it IS hot in here,” while staring at one of your body parts. FORGIVE ME, ARCTIC EROTICIAN).

Although I am a devout champion of the crop-top lifestyle year-round, I choose ones with elongated sleeves and other coze-ass details, like turtlenecks. They can be WAY sexier than Tha Media would have you believe—this piece is form-fitting and cute. I also look for heavier knits than just plain old T-shirt weight, like this top and this fuzzy cropped sweater that I have in two colors and wear at least once a week.

If you insist on exposing yourself to the elements regardless of their frigidity, as I so often do, pick one warm-ish skank-perfection piece and layer over it. I’ve been living in this all-but-frontless long-sleeved wrap top, paired with lined, high-waisted heavy plaid skirts and the aforementioned fleece tights, plus this fuzzy pink Cam’Ron jacket because sometimes I know exactly how to make myself happy. I also trot out this crushed velvet blue dress I found last winter when I’m looking to perv out on more formal occasions:

Nasty Gal dress via Lyst.

Nasty Gal dress via Lyst.

It adheres to the bodycon and snug-materials principles expressed above, plus it has a slit in the chest and a revealing back. It keeps me pretty toasty if I put a faux-fur white stole over it, which is some REAL “sex icicle” behavior, color scheme–wise. I copped this one just after Thanksgiving and I wear it near to every day, with everything. Here’s a sweet blue bodycon dress with a similarly strappy back to the one I got last year, and this one from Nasty Gal does the low-cut front thing, if that’s more your speed.

Another sleazy article of clothing I adore for going-out purposes when the weather outside is frightful: this really rad sweater dress, which has a cutout back and is low-cut to the point of breathless/braless abandon:

Nasty Gal dress via Lyst.

Nasty Gal dress via Lyst.

Sure, it’s a napkin…but a really warm one, since it’s a thick cable knit (plus also, fake-mink capelets and silk robes exist, and do so ESPECIALLY well paired with dresses like this). What a confusing article of clothing. I love it. Here’s a similarly mixed-up and perfect concept.

Of course, you can combine all these principles and seek out skin-tight pieces that have see-through long sleeves and backs! Here’s a great dress with a lace situation that’ll cover you in the right ways (read: you won’t freeze because you’re wearing a leotard in a blizzard) while also revealing mad skin. This mesh-embellished bodysuit, as paired with high-waisted jeans or warm tights and a lined skirt, would also look sick on you. Whatever you choose: Stay warm, ya hotness! (“I agree…it is “hot” in this “place”…because of you…and the way your physical self looks…which, to me, is sexual…” EW) —Amy Rose