We love Killer Mike and El-P’s collaborative rap project, Run the Jewels, so much because of their spectacularly bizarro beats, the unflinching agitation against police brutality, racism, and other systemic abuses of power in their ALSO VERY TECHNICALLY PERF lyrics (and beyond), and the endearing-ass friendship they so clearly share. They have applied all these same principles in this here advice video, where their charisma, honesty, directness, and general bonhomie demystify deep questions about sex ’n’ love, like the pros and cons of dating older people, what to do if you’re a kissing-virgin, and other vagaries of the human heart. Thanks to this video, ours beat, “RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! RTJ!” For more Mike and El, check out their amazing 2014 record, Run the Jewels 2, and follow Run the Jewels on Twitter and Facebook. Take it away, RTJ!

Want a non-terrible adult (we know, but they ARE out there) to help you lick the main problems of your love life? Email your questions about romantic and sensuous relationships to [email protected] with “Ask a Grown” in the subject line, and please include your first NAME (or your nickname or initials), CITY, and AGE.