The holiday season is officially upon us! Yaaaaaaaay! Decking the halls and baking cookies and going shopping and buying presents and—wait, what’s that? You can’t hang with all this consumption? Buying stuff for someone to show your love and admiration for them during this ***special time of year*** feels a little… off? We hear you. We’re all about bestowing tokens of appreciation upon best pals, relatives, next-door neighbors, pets, crushes, or WHOMEVER (and have beauty, style, DIY, tech, and online shopping gift guides that have got you covered, should you choose that holiday adventure), but sometimes it feels good to give something that goes a little further. The presents on this list also double as charitable donations that help people get something they really need (and will hopefully make someone you know feel cared for in the process).

Anna F.’s picks

imageStationery set (Sappi)
Give this set of 12 cards (featuring illustrations of pirates, superheroes, skulls, robots, and the like) to a letter-writer in your life, or use them to send holiday hellos to your pen pals. Profits from each sale support 826 National, an organization that provides free creative writing and tutoring resources to kids and teens in the United States. 826 has brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S.—including the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute, the Boring Store, and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.—that also sell super-cool, super-niche stuff online to benefit the same writerly cause. (826 National, $15)

headphonesHandcrafted wooden earbuds (LSTN)
If you love 1989 as much as the next gal but your sister is blasting “Shake It Off” for the one billionth time AS YOU ARE READING THIS, consider giving her a pair of these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind headphones for the holidays. The sale of every set helps the Starkey Hearing Foundation provide hearing aids to people in need around the world. (LSTN, $50)

lit witLit Wit trivia cards (Potter Style)
Nothing turns a great party into an unforgettable rager quicker than breaking out a trivia game. (Yes, I AM available to attend your holiday gathering.) Buy this deck of literature-themed trivia cards from GoneReading for your favorite book geek, and your next book club meeting will be epiiiiiiic. The organization will donate all of the profits to a charity that promotes reading. Everybody wins! (GoneReading, $17)

RobotRobot chalkboard (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)
This chalkboard is more useful than a real robot. Yes, a robot may be able to store more data, but this chalkboard WON’T be part of the inevitable robot uprising when computers rule us all. It’ll look tight hanging in your BFFs locker or on their bedroom wall. Also, 100 percent of the proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which provides free care for kids with cancer and other serious diseases. See? Way better than a real robot. (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, $6)

journalHandmade journal (Amnesty International)
Hey, you know what I bet your friends have a lot of? Feelings. You know where you should tell them to put them? In this fair-trade notebook, made in India with recycled paper. You know what this supports? Work being done by the human rights organization Amnesty International. This is a dreamy journal—that could also be a dream journal! (Amnesty International, $15)

Lena’s picks

scarfTie-dyed scarves (Maisha Collective)
OK, I know, giving someone a scarf can sometimes be like saying, “I love you, but I am also sorry I didn’t bestow upon you something that SPEAKS TO YOUR SOUL.” That’s when we’re talking about scarves other than these technicolored beauts, which could make any neck look ca-yute. They’re dyed by young refugee women in Nairobi, Kenya, and profits from their sale help Heshima Kenya support displaced women and children in Nairobi. (Maisha Collective, $40)

35bf13fb6543353d48304eb1b4217305Pizza ornament (RxArt)
Well hello, ornament shaped like a slice of pizza that will make every day feel mad special. Buying you benefits this program that brightens the walls of children’s hospitals with prints by famous contemporary artists? I’ll take one of you for all of my friends (and, uh, another for me)! (RxArt, $12)

alicwklev5ld08pll2jtDonation to the Malala Fund
You can make a donation of any and all dollar amounts in a friend or loved one’s name to the global organization run by activist Malala Yousafzai. In return, you’re supporting Malala’s work to help young girls around the world get access to and equal opportunities in education. That sounds like the fairest of trades. (Malala Fund, any amount)