A commemorative plaque based on this Wolfpupy tweet (spelling and grammar Wolfpupy's own).

A commemorative plaque, based on this wolf pupy tweet (spelling and grammar wolf pupy’s own).

As a birthday present for Lola, my beloved friend and IRL #goals icon, I made this plaque featuring one of her favorite tweets by wolf pupy, a wise and imaginary wolf puppy. Commemorative plaques are great gifts for almost anyone, and for any occasion, because they are (a) heartwarming, (b) life-affirming, and (c) easy to make and customize to someone’s interests. I’ll show you how it’s done!

What you’ll need:


  • A wooden plaque. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes in most craft stores.
  • Foam letter stickers. Get two packages because you’ll probably need extras of certain letters.
  • Acrylic gems.
  • Tacky glue.
  • An inspirational quote or saying of your choosing. For this plaque, I decided to use an abbreviated version of another of my favorite wolf pupy tweets.

How to do it:

Step One:

step one

Evenly space out your quote on the plaque using the foam letter stickers. If you make a mistake and have to rearrange letters, it’s OK: It’s easy to remove them and shift them around. If a letter loses its tackiness, add a tiny bit of glue to the back before putting it in its final spot.

Step Two:

step two

Place gems around the perimeter of the plaque. I think they look nice when they’re evenly spaced and grouped together by like colors, but you can arrange them in whichever way strikes your fancy.

Step Three:


Dab glue on the back of each gem before sticking it to the plaque. Go easy on the glue—you’ll need less than you think!

Step Four:

Wait an hour or so for the glue to dry, and your plaque’s ready to go! An optional step is to attach a few command strips to the back so your friend can hang it on the wall, where they’ll see it every day and feel loved and understood. Who wouldn’t want that as a gift?

wolf pupy

(OK, I guess I can think of someone.) ♦