Eggnog Cream


Pour a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup in a tall glass. Add a quarter of a cup of eggnog and beat both together with a fork. Slowly add club soda until the glass is full, and whisk until there’s a bit of frothy, bubbly goodness at the top. Drink through a straw because there’s no other way.

Egg creams are the soda-fountain classics of a bygone era. Every time I land in New York City, home of this treat, it’s the first thing I pursue (after dropping my bags in the middle of Grand Central Terminal, spinning in a circle, throwing my hat into the air, and then record-screech stopping like, “Wait, wasn’t Taylor Swift supposed to welcome me here? What a rip off! Dammit!”). It’s confusing, if not a bit relieving, that egg creams don’t have any eggs in them. It’s essentially just a chocolate soda with a spot of cream. I’m such a sucker for how it’s like a fizzy Milkshake Lite. And the nog-infused variation on this old-school treat? S’GOOD.