This latest of our hol-i-dee gift guides rounds up a passel of products that’ll make your special people feel even more GAWJUSS than they already are. We trawled the internet for the best beauty gifts on offer this year and came up with WAY more than just cosmetics—though we’ve got plenty of those too, trust! Because even if your intended recipient isn’t much for lipstick, who could refuse a soap shaped like a glazed donut? Feast your eyes on these beauts, beauts!

Chanel’s picks

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 11.49.41 PMBeautyMarks temporary tattoos (Mr. Kate)
One of my top 10 favorite activities in life is applying temporary tattoos, and these watercolor versions are really beautiful and will make for many fun afternoons with a group of pals. There’s a range of designs, including hearts and arrows, and they might just provide you the blueprints to some future ink. In the meantime, matching temporary tattoos = an equally fun way to feel close to your people, minus the intimidating permanence! (Mr. Kate, $12)

maskBrightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask (Dr. Jart+)
Sometimes even the most luminous skin needs a little extra somethin’ somethin’, especially when it’s bitterly cold. Give the gift of a DIY spa day with this glorious mask. It’s one of those facial treatments that makes a person look like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, but, as your recipient will find out, it’s worth doing for the love of GLOWING skin. (Sephora, $7.50)

sushiFood soaps (Soapopotamus)
This gift lets your beloved have their sushi and wash with it, too! The soaps from this cool Etsy shop are shaped like all the best snacks and made from moisturizing natural ingredients, like goat milk and coconut oil, which are great for giving skin a little tender lovin’ care. Whether your friends love donuts or your sis can’t live without roast chicken (seriously, that is a roast chicken–shaped soap, do NOT sleep), they’ll probably like these sadly inedible, but longer-lasting! versions just as much. (Etsy, $4–$40)

sephora_rollerball_midnightfleur_onwhite_72dpiPretty fragrance rollerballs (NEST)
I’m very picky about perfume, but I especially love this line’s “Midnight Fleur” scent. I won’t lie—I am really attracted to the dark, romantic packaging, but the original sizes are a bit out of my price range. That’s OK—just turn to the rollerball versions! Although spritzing perfume all over one’s person is mad luxurious, rollerballs are great because they make it easy to manipulate the strength of the smell and, if your friend is as much of a perfume head as I am, layer different fragrances at once. (NEST Fragrances, $25)

katEverlasting Liquid Lipstick (Kat Von D)
Liquid lipstick is a miracle sent upon us from the makeup gods, and Kat Von D’s is an amazing example of just how good they can be. With a variety of vibrant colors (A-Go-Go and Bauhau5 are my faves), the smooth formula will keep your giftee’s lips poppin’ from morning until…the next morning! (Sephora, $19)

Amy Rose’s picks

capricornZodiac nail polish set (Floss Gloss)
You know your one babe whom you always have to comfort when “Susan is so late this month!!” Yeah, this gift’s for them. I adore Floss Gloss, the company that makes these “curated trio[s] of colors to suit your star sign.” It’s not just that their colors are heavenly on bodies and come in gorgeous bottles. Wonderfully, all of their polish is 3-free, cruelty-free, and is manufactured domestically by a small business (two best friends, like you and yours!). Your own horoscope, if you give one of these 12 polish bundles: “You are a hell of generous and conscientious pal.” (Floss Gloss, $20)

girlsSantigolden Age Eye Shadow Collage in Apocalypse Now, pictured, or Earth As We Know It (Smashbox)
As you may remember from the stellar single and attendant A+ video for “Girls,” Santigold knows what’s what when it comes to making super high-quality stuff. The same is true of this colorful palette, which applies as unctuously smooth and technicolor as a gasoline spill, comes in a hefty gold-flecked case, and includes five cream-to-powder shadows (perfect for applying with fingers) at an under-$20 sale price. It’s cool, accessible, and deeply glam-o-rux, much like Santigold herself. I bet gifting it would make its recipient feel that you consider them those things, too. Either way, go rewatch that perfect video—and that’s a gift from me to YOU! (Sephora, $18)

starterEssential Starter Gift Set (e.l.f.)
THIS BLESSÈD CORNUCOPIA OF DELIGHTS = BASICALLY THE FACE-ICS IN PRODUCT FORM. It includes the full litany of workhorse products most common among the makeup-wearing public—mascara, lip gloss, blush, etc.—along with the kind of debonair garbage I like best, aka fake eyelashes and brow stencils and a shimmer eye pencil. If you have a bud who’d like to try makeup, but doesn’t know where to start, this is a handy way to give them a FULL KIT for the price of one higher-ticket product.

e.l.f.’s makeup is wayyy disproportionate, quality-wise, than what you pay for it, which is extra superb. Outside of just the above, the company has a proliferation of economical palettes ’n’ such on offer. Let’s say $25 is your whole entire budget for five friends? POW, BIFF, SMACK, WHAM, DONE. You can also get everyone the same thing and then do tutorials with one another for EXTRA FUN AND HOLIDAY BONDING/TOGETHERNESS. (e.l.f., $25)

korresShowergel in Japanese Rose (Korres)
You know how aunts and aunt-like figures LOVE to give presents that are, like, a Bath and Body Works shower basket, or a Calgon “Take Me Away!” scented potion set (this brand name always felt more like a desperate plea than spa-based ~release~, but what can you do)? That’s because they are mad smart people: Many of us shower at least half of the days outta the week! If your intended giftee doesn’t, this colossal plastic urn of heady, perfumed soap will last even longer—and they’ll smell like roses instead of body odor, or roses mixed with body odor (as I write this, I just figured out that this is my actual favorite smell), or your aunt’s favorite cloying “cucumber melon” scent. (This is NOT A REAL KIND OF PRODUCE, ALL MASS-MARKET BODY LOTION LINES. TAKE ME AWAY.) This goop is also vegan, cruelty-free, comes in recyclable packaging, and is 83 percent natural. Kindly throw it at someone you like as this song plays…j-just like a true aunt would? (Sephora, $19.50)

sexyLip plumper set (Soap & Glory)
OK, I see and acknowledge that the name of these lip glosses, “Sexy Mother Pucker,” is enough to make even the most pun-lovingest person silently walk in a straight line forever in disgusted, mournful protest. Thing is: I also get that this formula is helium, but for lips and applied externally, and that I wear the middle color…a shade called [shudders] Half Naked…every single day. It’s wonderful. Get it for all your gloss-inclined friends, who may make horrified faces upon opening this, but will thank you in due time. Now HAPPY HOLIDAYS, all you sexy mother puckers out there!!! [Ducks hailstorm of thrown lip glosses, gets started on eternal walk of disgrace] (Sephora, $15)