“Technology: It’s everywhere these days.” —every one of your family members over 40 years of age at the dinner table today, maybe? Thing is, they’re right. Technology IS everywhere these days, including in this here gift guide, the latest in our roundup of all the best presents to give (and hint to others that you miiiight maybe enjoy yourself?) this holiday-time around. If you like the sounds of that, read on, ya little computron!

Maggie’s picks

81488_1000x1000 Darth Vader CD Player (Hammacher Schlemmer)
You are only allowed to play “The Imperial March” on this CD player. Just kidding! You’re actually only allowed to play “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” And “MMMBop.” Hang with your friends and imagine Darth Vader himself is serenading you. According to the website, the player has internal speakers which allow “the imposing eyes of the dark lord [to] light up in response to your favorite tunes.” (ValueFind, $87)

shark Aquabot (HEXBUG)
This is a little robotic fish that can swim around in the bath with you, or in your cool DIY fish tank. It swims, dives, and explores its environment—you’ll forget it’s made of plastic! This is great for people who love the glow-y aesthetics of a fish tank, but know they are too lazy and scatterbrained to care for an actual living being. (HEXBUG, $10)

rolling-spider-redRolling Spider Minidrone (Parrot)
Check out the promotional video for this zany smartphone-controlled drone, featuring a young lad who is pathologically hellbent on bothering his older sister. The girl’s just tryin’ to make brownies! Leave her alone! But in the right hands (read: YOURS), this awesome device can be more than an instrument of persecution. The Rolling Spider takes pictures, does flips, flies, follows your dog around, has a 66 foot range, and is pretty much the coolest gadget you can find for (just) under $100. (Parrot, $99)

6bd9c4b21565ef618416ddaac1125dbe_large 3Doodler (WobbleWorks)
Happy holidays, all you Rookie crafters! Look what the universe created for you: It’s a pen that dispenses plastic, which creates 3D objects by drawing them not only with height and width, but depth! Because two dimensions are not enough to contain your genius. (3Doodler, $99)

20sideLED 20-sided die (ThinkGeek)
This is an awesome 20-sided die that lights up and flashes red when you roll a critical hit—a 20! This is great gift for gamer friends of all kinds. I like to incorporate a D20 into Truth or Dare for added thrills. Base the intensity of the “truth” or “dare” on the number rolled. Roll a one? Truth: Describe the cutest dog you’ve ever seen. Roll a 20? Dare: SET FIRE TO YOUR OWN HAIR WHILE EATING AN ENTIRE JAR OF MAYONNAISE. You get the idea. (Amazon, $12)

unnamed (2)Secret compartment nickel (CCS Spy Gear)
Completely indistinguishable from a regular coin, this nickel contains a secret opening where you can hide a tiny note, or a micro SD card full of covert intel or illegally downloaded Game of Thrones episodes. I hope this coin catches on as a means for transferring illicit data to the point that “I gave her the wrong spy nickel!” becomes a common sitcom plot device. (Amazon, $25)

unnamed (3)Cyclenav (Schwinn)
Give your bicycle-loving friend the gift of not being crushed by a bus this holiday season. Checking your phone for directions while riding a bike is incredibly dangerous, but the Cyclenav fits on a bike and offers simple turn-by-turn directions while keeping your beloved cyclist’s eyes on the road. The only thing on my wishlist is for you to arrive safely at your destination and not be a gory blood splatter on the pavement! :) (Schwinn, $60)

Emily’s picks

rookie clarisonicMia 1 Facial Cleanser (Clarisonic)
This face-washing machine has been around for a little bit and is hands-down the best beauty investment. It’s a bit pricey, but it makes your skin fresh and glowing every single day, which is great for people in punishing wintry environments. (Clarisonic, $99)

rookie mophiePowerstation Plus (Mophie)
I’m obsessed with this thing! It’s a tiny portable phone charger that works with your own phone’s charger and can be used multiple times without being recharged. I juice it up, stick it in my purse, and I’m never worried about my phone dying on me. (Mophie, $80)

rookie little big planet 3LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation)
This is the third game in the beautiful, tricky, and adorably clever Little Big Planet game series. You play as a little protagonist named Sackboy and solve puzzles, complete levels, and navigate through a homemade-looking world whose levels look like they were created from construction paper and twine. It’s like Super Mario for the crafty. (GameStop, $60)

viddyVIDDY Pinhole Camera Kit (Pop-Up Pinhole)
This is what I’m going to be getting my best girlfriends this season: a DIY pinhole camera kit! It looks really cool, takes amazing photos, and you get to create it, and then use it for real. (The Pop-Up Pinhole Camera Company, $60)