The hollerdays are upon us, and as so many of us know, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER KNOW WHAT TO GIVE ANYONE, blargh! Never fear: Also upon us is another round of Rookie Gift Guides! Our intrepid team of style, beauty, tech, DIY, and general life enthusiasts will be hand-plucking their favorite presents that the internet has to offer for your perusal, starting with today’s roundup of interesting, funny, dazzling, and/or cool clothing and accessories. No matter how inscrutable your pal’s taste, pizza BFF necklaces are kind of universally excellent.

Marie’s picks

YouWereSwelltote Creature From the Black Lagoon tote bag
You can never really go wrong with a tote bag—they’re useful in a million ways. If your BFF loves sci-fi as much as she does ’50s romance comics, (a) she sounds really cool and (b) this Creature From the Black Lagoon-themed tote from You Were Swell is probably going to make her do a karate kick of joy into the air. Just try not to stand too close when you give it to her….just in case. (You Were Swell, $15)

SnackShades copy “Snack Attack Coco” sunglasses
Ride the snackwave with these ultra-rad sunglasses that feature hot dogs, donuts, and our #1 lover, PIZZA, adorning its frames. No UV rays will stand a chance against these delicious sun-blockers. GREAT—now I’m hungry. (Gasoline Glamour, $40)

MARTIAN_EYES_01_1024x1024 Martian eyes leggings
You ever feeeeeel liiiiike somebody’s watchin’ you? Hellz Bellz teamed up with Looney Tunes to make some killer threads, one of which are these awesome Marvin the Martian eyeball leggings. (Hellz Bellz, $38)

JewelSox Jewel-print socks
Why would anyone wanna wear regular white socks when crazy prints like these exist? Imagine when the lucky recipient of these beauties lifts up their pant leg to scratch their ankle and someone nearby screams at how mesmerizing these gems are. Try not to be jealous when everyone fawns over these fancy jewelz. Better yet: Secretly buy a pair for yourself. That’s what I’d do. ::emoji kiss:: (Sway Chic, $5)

dolls_kill_angel_of_mine_backpack_1__2 “Angel of Mine” backpack
A true ANGEL would have this backpack on the top of their wish list. It comes in a bubblegum color combination with embroidered wings. It might not be big enough to hold any books, but who cares? (Dolls Kill, $48)

Pineapple clips Pineapple clips
If you’re friends with a pineapple princess who would like nothing more than to be able to accessorize with her favorite fruit, these clips are a great pick! They’ll surely spice up a cardigan—after all, it IS sweater weather. (Pinup Girl Clothing, $25)

beatitcreep1_1024x1024Wanda Woodward T-shirt
Puttin’ creeps in their place = what Cry Baby’s Wanda Woodward does best. This tee shows her doing just that! It comes in sizes small to 4X, so it’s perfect for a wide range of the John Waters superfans in your life. I think Uncle John would approve! (Candy Strike, $28.50)

Gabi’s picks

beyBeyoncé “Scribble” tee
I never feel more empowered than when I’m listening to Queen Bey, and wearing her on my bod is just as good. Gift this tee to your girl gang, then wear it while recreating the “7/11” video at your next sleepover. (Beyoncé, $30)

whatever“Whatever” clutch
This is a must-have for your one friend with the most nonchalantly killer style around. (ASOS, $24.50)

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.52.05 PMBunny onesie; pink onesie
I swear by comfy onesies in the winter—everyone deserves to experience the level of pure bliss you feel inside them. They’re perfect for lazy days when “plans” consist of Netflix bingeing and scrolling through Tumblr. (From left: Forever 21, $23; Deb, $25)

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.09.12 PMRyan Gosling socks
Hey, girl, have I ever told you how good your feet smell? Let Ryan Gosling grin at your friend in praise every time she looks down at these amazing socks. (Clashist, $14.50)

wingBejeweled bun comb
This jeweled comb is the chicest accessory for your messy top-knot loving buds. It’s great for adding some last minute OOMPH to a look. (Nasty Gal, $25)

bffpizzaBFF pizza necklaces
Never underestimate the power of BFF necklaces! Nothing says “friends forever” like matching pizza slices with heart-shaped pepperoni. I’d reserve this honor for my ride-or-die bestie, but you could also pass ‘em out to everyone until you make a whole pie. (SucreSucreMiniatures, $20)