Last weekend, Ethan, one of my best friends, turned 17. He had a party, and I managed to drag myself there with the help of my good friend Rebecca. We got to his house around 4 PM and set up and cleaned the garden, where he had set up a gazebo. Then, Rebecca got to work on painting her neck and arms in a beautiful pattern to look like bark, which took her over three hours. I put on my outfit/costume, which was, in my opinion, a very effective Supergirl. I applied gold eye shadow and red lipstick, which make everything better.
The birthday boy opened the door to the first two guests, his best friends Daniel and Jess. They were both completely lovely and slept over later that night along with Rebecca and me. More friends of his, whom I had heard so much about but never met, slowly trickled in. Someone snuck two bottles of vodka into the garden, and between the 20 or so people there, they were gone fast.

The hours went by simultaneously quickly and slowly as we quite literally danced the night away. When the clock struck 12, we all excitedly grabbed Ethan and sang “Happy Birthday” at the top of our lungs. I gave him one of the presents I bought him. Everyone gathered around staring in awe as he opened it to find a bright rainbow mug with the words nobody knows i’m gay written on it. I found this hilarious and ironic: We all know he’s gay. He laughed out loud and, right in front of his slightly homophobic parents’ eyes, promised he would drink tea out of it in the morning.

He proceeded to give a speech thanking everyone for being there, and his friend in general in a both endearing and insulting way. He thanked his mother for “birthing” him and myself for “being Ananda.” His parents and the drunk party guests clapped dramatically. There was more terrible dancing and karaoke. Rebecca, Daniel, and I were on the front lines, belting out classics like “Dancing Queen” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Contrary to my reservations, it was a fantastic night thanks to Ethan, Rebecca, Jess, and Daniel. ♦